4 Ways To Embrace That Voice In Your Head…

4 Ways To Embrace That Voice In Your Head

That voice in your head, yes the one that is constantly droning on and on. Telling you that maybe that was the not the best reaction to a situation… why did you say such a stupid thing… often that you are just an idiot…

I didn’t realize a few years ago that everyone had that voice. I asked a friend about it and she laughed at me! Truly, I had no idea. This same friend always called me Pollyanna, now she could add another level of naivety to my personality. I wonder why it never occurred to me to ask anyone about the voice. Was I really living so much in my own bubble that I never questioned it? As a very curious person, I find that hard to believe.

I think the reason is that my voice was my friend. It did have me second guessing myself sometimes, but generally, it was a companion that sometimes made me laugh, figuratively held my hand when I was sad or troubled but just generally kept me company. Your little voice can also be your friend, even your best friend.

4 ways to embrace your inner voice

1) Perfection is overrated. We all have our talents, but truly most of us are not perfect at everything. (If you think you are, you are probably delusional) Accept that sometimes done is better than perfect. 80% is often better than 100. In life, we sometimes need to spread ourselves to thin. We multitask, we are parents, children, healers, teachers, friends, partners, disciplinarians and either workers or employers it is simply unrealistic to think that we can do everything at 100%.

2) Forgive. Since we are not able to do everything and be everything to everyone, it is time to cut ourselves some slack. Let go of the petty things we criticize ourselves for doing. At the same time, the people around us are not perfect either. They have the same struggle to balance their tasks that we have. Stop that little voice from its constant criticism of others as well. Let go, forgive.

3) Fill that half-empty glass. Optimism is one of the keys, and it can be a choice. It is true that some people are naturally more pessimistic and others more optimistic. But it can be a learned behavior as well. One way to cultivate the inner optimist is to wake up every morning and before you even get out of bed… find one thing you are grateful for. Just one good thing every morning can change your whole outlook.

4) Move from “State” to “Innate”. When we do yoga or meditate we find a level of immense calm. When the practice is over, the first thing we do is grab our phone and see what we missed. FOMO. Immediately we go from a state of wellbeing to… well… a state of not. Take a minute and luxuriate in that state. Walk outdoors and actually take note of nature for a second. We can imprint these calm, happy states and make them innate!

When you can embrace that inner voice… Life becomes lighter and much more manageable.


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