4 Ways To Drink More Water…

4 Ways To Drink More Water

Water is among the most valuable resources for human life. It makes up to 60% of our body. We literally consist of it! This is why it’s so important to be well-hydrated. Proper water balance is a necessary condition for a healthy life and good shape. By drinking enough water we nourish our body and help all its systems work flawlessly.

What Does Water Do to Your Body?

Water is an active participant in the following processes:

  • Metabolism
  • Removal of toxic substances through the excretory system
  • Maintaining new cells and muscles
  • Regulating temperature
  • Moisturizing joints

There is also a link between water intake and level of stress. The less hydrated you are, the more you are exposed to the stress. There is logic in giving a glass of water to a person who experiences a nervous breakdown. In addition, it is more difficult for a dehydrated body to cope with stress.

If you struggle to lose weight, you can’t do it without proper hydration as well. Lack of water makes our body store it. This storage mechanism creates swelling. This gives you extra weight and makes you look bigger than you actually are.

Water is also necessary for good bowel movements. Dehydration leads to constipation and hard stools. These problems can become chronic and cause pain, discomfort in your stomach, rectal bleeding and hemorrhoids. Water gives your fecal masses proper consistency to pass more easily through your intestine.

What Is Water and What Is Not?

Sometimes it’s harder to keep your body hydrated. When we sweat a lot, like in warm weather or in the gym, our body loses water with sweat. In such situations, we feel thirsty because our body gives us signals that it needs to restore the water balance. But does drinking water always equals to taming the body’s thirst?

Not all the drinks are equally good at providing your body with the necessary amounts of water. The best option is to drink clear water. Water is surely contained in such drinks as coffee and tea but their diuretic effect makes them a doubtful option for proper body hydration. Milk is good to hydrate your body but it’s high in calories so you should drink it moderately

How to Drink More Water?

If you aren’t used to drinking a lot of water throughout the day, the tips below will help you increase your water intake.

1. Add some flavor

Water doesn’t have a smell or taste. Many people don’t like it. But you can add some flavor to it with a slice of lemon or any other fruit. Herbs and flowers also can give interesting taste to your basic glass of water.

2. Choose water

If you feel thirsty and want to buy yourself a drink, don’t buy soft drinks with sugar or alcohol. A glass of beer on a hot day is enticing but it’s not a healthy option. Even a small amount of alcohol will only dehydrate you more.

3. Eat watery fruits and vegetables

There are fruits that are richer in water than the others like watermelons, oranges, tomatoes, and celery. Adding them to your daily menu will enrich it with important nutrients and vitamins. Increased water intake will be a pleasant bonus.

4. Use technologies

There are even special mobile applications that remind people to drink more water. They can help you turn this process into fun. You will get used to drinking enough water over time, but in the beginning, they may be helpful.

It may seem difficult to drink more water if you aren’t used to it but very soon your body adjusts and you will WANT to drink water. Become friends with water and see the benefits yourself!


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