4 Ways Your Meditation Can Be Improved…

4 Ways Your Meditation Can Be Improved

The mind is a great mystery. It is the most powerful organ in the body. It has the ability to connect us with the all-knowing mind. It is full of energy and everything manifests through it. It is the source happiness and misery; pain and pleasure; sickness and health. The mind can be your greatest asset or liability. It all depends on how to use it.

Most spiritual teachers have compared an organized mind with a wishing tree. Anyone with an organized mind can get what he or she wishes. The power of the mind is simply unimaginable. Most people operate using less than ten percent of their brain. They simply have not learned how to use it properly.


1) Why you don’t move ahead

As the popular saying goes, what we don’t use, we lose. Most people have not explored the mind. Why? Because everyone is given one free of charge. You don’t pay anyone to have a brain. And most people take for granted things that have been given to them for free and place value on things they’ve worked hard to earn. Familiarity breeds contempt.

The paradox is that we can replace the things we’ve worked hard to earn but the things we were given free of charge are irreplaceable. You cannot replace your mind, health, intelligence, and love. And you cannot live without them. Since most people don’t use their minds much, who controls it? The mind controls people. The mind is a good servant but a terrible master. That’s why there is so much fear, anxiety and depression in our world today. If you do not understand your mind, you cannot understand yourself. And if you do not understand yourself, how can you understand another person?

2) Take back control

It’s time to take control of your mind. If you can control your mind, you can control your destiny. How? Your thoughts determine how you act. Your actions repeated over time become habits. And your habits determine the trajectory of your life. If you don’t take control of your mind, you’ll find yourself thinking negative thoughts most of the time. Negative thoughts just like weeds on the farm, destroy anything good.

Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to taking back control of your mind. How do you increase your awareness? Through meditation. Taking a couple of minutes every day just for yourself is very important, but it is not enough. You’ll notice that after meditating for a few minutes, your mind will go back to its normal state which is quite abnormal. So your mind will be controlling you the greater part of the day.

Meditation is a full-time thing. Once you start the process, you should do it all the time. This does not mean staying seated all day under a tree doing nothing. It means that any activity can be transformed into meditation. You can do every tiny act consciously. And this will have a lot of positive effects on you. You’ll perform every act effectively and you’ll succeed.

When you start meditating, everything will seem difficult. But do not give up. Here are four ways on how you can improve your meditation.

3) Self-Dialogue

Before starting your meditation practice, sit down quietly and have a dialogue with your mind. Ask yourself what you want. Knowing what you want will help you learn a lot of things about yourself. The aim of self-dialogue is to create a positive relationship with your mind.

Do not just think about daily tasks and work. Think of your purpose on earth. Remember, all the answers are within you. Befriend your mind. Listen to its ideas and suggestions. But do not do everything it tells you to. You and your best friend don’t agree on everything entirely. And so should you with your mind.

During self-dialogue, do not suppress or react to your thoughts. Just watch them. Do not be afraid to think. The goal of self-dialogue is to understand oneself and restore him or her to his or her nature.

4) Practice being the observer

During your self-dialogue, it’s easier for you to get swayed and identify yourself with your dominant thought patterns. It will be difficult to separate positive and negative thoughts. If you have not taken the time to cultivate your mind, you’ll quickly realize how your thoughts control you. You will notice how your thoughts distract you every single moment. Your thoughts have mainly resulted in your five senses.

When a thought arises, you either feel great imagining it or you start worrying. The first thing you should do is let your thoughts arise and then let them leave. Do not think just for the sake of thinking. That’s not creative thinking. Creative thinking involves imagining something that you can express through your actions.

Let your thoughts arise and go away. Just become a silent observer. Observe your mind and make a resolution that you won’t get worried about whatever comes. Once you get accustomed to being an observer, you’ll be more balanced and your reactivity and sensitivity to your thoughts will decline.

5) Being Graceful

To truly understand who you are, you’ll have to travel deeper into the source of your life. There is a higher source of life beyond the mind. Through mind consciousness, body consciousness and sense consciousness, you can reunite with the source of life.

When you reunite with the source of living consciously, you no longer have the need to identify yourself with the body, mind or material things. In such moments, the inner witness is not brought through self-effort, but through grace.

Grace is obtained when you have used your strength and power to take control of your mind and body. Everyone has divine grace within themselves. Knowing how to use the mind will make your life complete.

6) Self-discipline

Becoming a full-time student of meditation requires self-discipline. You need to learn to get out of bed the moment you open your eyes. If you stay in bed and you are awake, it reflects laziness. You should train your mind to get up whether it’s on a weekend or Monday.

After waking up, wash your face and prepare yourself and then do something important. Avoid staying idle. Laziness is a habit that does not take you anywhere. Remaining idle causes your mind to think in a disorganized way and this is wasted energy.

Positive and active people perform their duties extremely well with minimal effort because they have learned how to coordinate their thoughts, words, and actions through training. It all starts with controlling the mind. Once you have control of the mind, you’ll realize that all the questions and answers are within you.


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