4 Unconventional Grounding Tips (That Aren’t Earthing Or Crystals)…

4 Unconventional Grounding Tips (That Aren’t Earthing Or Crystals)

Whenever you hear about “grounding,’” thoughts of barefoot people earthing with a handful of hematite stones may come to mind— but did you know that you can ground your energy by watching your favorite reality TV show?

Grounding is a type of energetic self-care. You may have heard of it on social media, from self-help books, or in holistic or spiritual groups. If you’re caught up in your thoughts, you occasionally need to pull your focus back to to the real world for balance —that’s what grounding is. If you need to ground, you may experience racing thoughts, and feel unable to focus or detached from the real world.

Whenever I started doing intuitive readings, I was ungrounded and drowning in my intuitive feelings. I tried traditional methods of grounding such as earthing, using grounding stones like hematite, and doing grounding meditations. Except, it didn’t work for me, and the meditations made me feel more ungrounded. At first, I wondered if I was meditating correctly. I assumed I wasn’t doing it right. However, I realized that I was doing it correctly and it wasn’t working for me.

What I found worked the best were fun or silly activities like listening to upbeat nineties pop music, watching reality TV or comedians, exercising, and visiting friends. These fun activities are great for grounding because they bring your thoughts back to the real world. Sometimes you need to pull your mind down from the clouds and back to the “real world.”

Why it works:

Upbeat activities like listening to fun music or laughing at comedians have the magical ability to raise your energetic frequency and ground you, too.

Exercising brings your focus back to your physical body (rather than your thoughts and intuitive feelings), gets your energy flowing, and of course, has added physical benefits.

You can balance out deep thoughts and feelings by watching TV. When you’re feeling super ungrounded and struggling to bring your focus back to reality, reality TV is great (no pun intended). Even though reality TV is nothing like actual reality, it is often funny and superficial — exactly opposite of deep thinking and being caught-up in your thoughts.

Hanging out with your friends can be grounding because your friends often know you the best. Talking with them will help you get back to feeling like your normal self, and going out with them will help you focus on the real world.

These suggestions may seem unconventional, but there are no hardline rules when it comes to spirituality, so find what works best for you. Remember that “grounding” just means feeling normal and pulling your focus back to the reality.


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