4 Tips for Reducing Household Allergies…

4 Tips for Reducing Household Allergies

Itchy, watery eyes. Sneezing, a tickle in the throat, and bumpy, irritated skin. If any of this sounds familiar, you might be suffering from household allergies. This can be very frustrating, especially since your home is supposed to be a place of comfort and rest.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can reduce household allergens and start to feel better in no time. While everybody’s situation is different, these four tips are fairly universal.

1. Wash Bedding, Throws and Pillows Regularly

Did you know that bedding and pillows are hot spots for hosting allergens? While you might not like to think about what could be lurking within, it’s important to keep them clean.

It’s also important that you’re going about it most effectively. Getting yourself on a regular schedule for washing all bedding, pillows and throws within your home will ensure dust mites, dirt, pollen and other allergens are kept at bay.

Do yourself a favor and make sure your items are all easy to care for. Washable duvet covers, fleece fabric throw blankets and synthetic-fill pillows will all be a breeze to wash and dry. Use the hottest water setting as possible to kill dust mites.

2. Invest in an Air Purifier

The air quality in your home will determine how well you feel while you’re inside. It can be negatively impacted by hundreds of things each day, many of which you might not even realize factor in. Investing in an air-purifying system or unit will help to not only reduce these allergens but keep fresher, cleaner air circulating throughout your home.

Everything from cooking fumes to cleaning products, the family dog to the sneakers in your entryway will contribute to the air you and your family breathe. Try using a portable purifier in high-traffic areas, such as entryways, bedrooms or living rooms. If you install a whole-house system, be sure that filters are changed regularly.

3. Splurge on Good Quality Cleaning Tools

Have you ever noticed the drastic price differences when it comes to household tools such as vacuum cleaners and steam mops? Some quick research will show that there are tools available to fit every budget and this is great; however, when your goal is to effectively reduce allergens in your home this is an area you should plan on spending more.

Look for a vacuum cleaner that offers HEPA filtration. This type of filtration system is incredibly effective at filtering out microscopic allergens that may otherwise re-enter the air with other vacuums. And while it might be tempting to go bagless and use a canister model, you run the risk of polluting the air with the dust upon emptying. A bag will ensure all dust, dirt and debris is trapped for good, with its last destination being your trash.

A steam mop is also a great idea for homes with hard, sealed flooring such as finished wood or tile. Look for options that use only water to clean, as models using chemical solutions or added fragrance will only contribute to allergy issues.

4. Remove Carpeting

Does your home have carpeting installed? While it can be cozy and comfortable, it can also be a nightmare when it comes to allergies. If you’re living in a carpeted home, now’s a good time as any to consider swapping it out with wood, laminate or other hard flooring.

However, you don’t have to go without the cozy feel carpeting brings. Investing in throw rugs and washable area rugs will do just that, while still allowing you to do a more thorough clean than you ever could have done with carpeted flooring.

Research options for non-allergenic fibers and be wary of rugs that may be heavily treated with dyes or chemicals. This can be tricky, especially online, but knowing what to be on the lookout for will help here. Adding these rugs to your regular cleaning schedule will ensure they stay low on allergens.

Making your home an allergy-friendly place is possible and it doesn’t have to mean changing your entire lifestyle to make it happen. A few tweaks here and there will lead to noticeable improvements.


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