4 Things To Avoid To Heal Anxiety…

4 Things To Avoid To Heal Anxiety

“Here are 4 Important Ways to Heal Your Anxiety and Feel Great”

1 – Let Go of All Trepidation About Anything. Trepidation is not worthy of your stature… you are more than this bodily confluence of flesh and blood. You are a soul… a great being that has gone through many lifetimes and has learned many things. And one of the first things a soul must learn is to let go of all trepidation and sit quietly watching as the world goes by. The world will do what it will do, but the world does not have to overcome you. As it says in all spiritual texts: “Be in the World But Not of It”.

2 – Avoid Worry – If worry really did some good of any kind it would be useful. My father worried a lot about everyone and everything and he died of a stress heart attack at the age of 57… Not Good. Let go… just be… that is the way of a spiritual being. Fill your heart with love and see the good in all things. Let your Higher Power, Your God, Your Great Spirit take care of your worries and deal with them. As it says in all the spiritual texts, “Come to Me as a Child” children never worry and neither should you.

3 – Envy No One – Envy means you are not content with your life and envy brings about restlessness and lots of desires. And all those desires lead to more desires. Eventually, your heart is broken and you are always looking at what others have and never finding peace. We all go through ups and downs in life… that is the nature of life. If you are down right now know that things will change. The one thing you can count on is change. Look to the Greatness of God, the Universe, and the Great Spirit… and emulate that great loving energy. It says in all spiritual texts, “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy”.

4 – Remember There are 2 Types of Pride – There’s a boastful pride which leads to downfall. But then there is a pride in oneself because you are part of something which is bigger than life itself. Have you ever noticed great athletes or scientists who are very humble and says it was not them… but it was God, The Universe, and Great Spirit who did everything? And they give all the credit to God? Yes, that is the way to be for we are only instruments for the Divine. As it says in all spiritual texts, “Be at Peace for God is Working Through You”.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider


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