4 Simple Ways To Become More Mindful…

4 Simple Ways To Become More Mindful

Mindfulness is a simple act of being aware of your surroundings and what you are doing. While it might sound trivial to some, it’s an important aspect of our lives.

In fact, several studies show that mindfulness positively affects psychological health. Nowadays, becoming more mindful can be life-changing. That’s mostly due to the fact that our day-to-day life is saturated with constant stimulations: twitter, facebook, Instagram notifications, never-ending emails and message from friends.

No wonder social media detox has become so common amongst many. Constant triggers make us feel numb and cause a lack of concentration and at times even depression.

Slowing down and listening to your body as well as surroundings can help you feel more balanced and peaceful. So, here are a few simple ways you can start introducing mindfulness into your life.

1. Start Your Morning with Yoga

Yoga offers a way to be more intact with your own body. Unlike typical exercise, it encourages you to feel, think and observe. What’ so great about yoga is that it’s slow. There is no rush and no certain amount of reps you have to do. In fact, there is no goal.

Thus, yoga encourages you to stay in the moment, listen to your body, feel your muscles and the flow of the pose. Therefore, it offers a beautiful way to start your mornings and truly stay aware of your environment.

If you are not motivated to wake up 10 minutes earlier to stretch, start by inspiring yourself with interesting yoga quotes. Learning about what famous people thought or think about this practice can make you want to do it yourself one day.

2. Make Eating a Ritual

Good nutrition is obviously the key to a healthy body and mind. However, in the modern age world, it has become more of a job than a very much needed time for yourself and your family. Just ask yourself how many times you’ve eaten while driving, watching Netflix or just working. My guess is – it happens a lot!

Next time you eat, make sure whatever you put into your mouth is nutritious. Go for whole foods that take a little bit of time to make. And instead of scrolling through Instagram or reading the most current news, just eat and try to stay aware of what you’re chewing. Think about how the food tastes, how you feel and truly enjoy it.

Being more mindful about the food you eat can help you with feeling fuller and losing weight.

3. Get Outside Without Your Phone

Having your computer at home can open the doors to all the places in the world. That’s where people share their experiences and knowledge. Also, the growing gaming culture keeps people indoors for longer times than before.

Going outside, disconnecting from the world by all means possible can help you to acknowledge what you truly have. The lack of stimulation might even seem a little bit scary at times. However, it’s essential if you want to stay intact with your body and experience the reality for what it truly is. The latest study shows that simply having your mobile phone within the reach reduces your brain power. Thus, it’s likely that having your phone around can reduce your ability to concentrate on a task and thus affect your performance.

Now, I’m not saying that you should completely stop using your phone. However, making sure that you leave your phone at home can help you become more mindful since you’ll be able to notice what’s happening around you. Who knows, you might even have a productive day outside!

4. Journal Your Experiences

There are multiple ways to journal your day. You can either do it in video format, type it out or simply take a pencil and write about it.

A research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that writing down your thoughts can improve working memory and help battle negative thoughts. However, that’s not the only reason why you should start journaling your experiences.

Coming back to moments where you felt happy or sad can help you understand more about your environment. However, the best part of it all is being able to come back to your experiences when you’re likely going to see them from a completely different angle or not remember at all. It can help you to gain new insights about your own self.


Now, mindfulness is not something that you acquire in one day. However, slow steps towards it can be life-transforming and contribute to better physical and mental health. So, why not start today?


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