4 Rules For A Spiritual Life Change…

4 Rules For A Spiritual Life Change

1. Focus on YOU

The most important change that must take place exist within you 1st

2. Honestly Evaluate Yourself

What have you done well in life and where have you f@#$!d up

3. Forgive Yourself

Once you acknowledge your mistakes accept them and use them as a solid base for life experience

4. Spiritual Growth Happens in Small Steps

It took time for a highly spiritual person to develop wisdom

1st Learn to sit still in quiet for 5 mins before aiming for 30 mins

2nd Learn to trust spirit in small things then follow for bigger things

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I am Jassiri Nassor a Numerologist, Tarot reader, Writer and student of various disciplines of esoteric study. I utilize Numerology and Tarot to assist individuals to move past uncertainty and limiting beliefs in order to realize their full potential on life’s spiritual journey. I can be contacted at info@thethoughelevation.com 


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I am a Numerologist, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Guide, and student of various disciplines of esoteric study. I have gained insight…

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