4 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga Should Be Your New Fitness Resolution…

4 Reasons Why Practicing Yoga Should Be Your New Fitness Resolution

Choosing and sticking to a fitness resolution can be difficult, but choosing one which benefits you and makes you happier is always worthwhile. If your health took a hit in 2018 and ended up taking a back seat, then 2019 could be the year where you truly focus on achieving your goals. Eating healthier foods and taking up a new activity, like yoga, can help to keep your body happy and healthy.

The breathing exercises and stretching that are involved in yoga can really stretch your muscles and help you breathe better. Yoga has many different health and lifestyle benefits and should definitely be considered as your new fitness resolution.

Weight Management

Yoga is one of the best exercises if you are looking to manage your weight. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight or gain weight, yoga can assist in your quest for health. Yoga can be a truly helpful tool when it comes to weight loss as it helps your body’s basic systems realign, such as digestion and circulation and helps to relieve problems such as bloating and acidity.

Better Memory and Concentration

Yoga helps to calm your mind and help you to remember things for longer. It also increases your brain power in order to concentrate better, which is a helpful tool to have when it comes to your work life or, if you are a student, then for your studying. Yoga can also be hugely beneficial for your mental health and help to keep problems such as anxiety and depression at bay or better controlled.

Easier Than A Gym Workout

If one of your fitness resolutions was to go to the gym more, you’ve probably found that gym workouts are hard to stick to and don’t motivate you enough. Practising yoga is much easier than a gym workout. You don’t need any equipment as you do in the gym, with the use of a yoga mat at most. A good stretch and breathing exercises are easy to follow and simple to practice and can be done much more regularly than a gym workout.

You Can Help The Environment At The Same Time

Yoga is an easily accessible route to mindfulness and is a great tool for those who are looking to help the environment. A lot of the basis that surrounds yoga is now focused on sustainability and welcoming environmentally-friendly practices. Yoga doesn’t require the use of any electricity, much like gyms do, and can be done in the peace and quiet of your own home, meaning you don’t need to travel to and from a gym.

Yoga mats and workout clothes have had a huge eco-friendly revival. Many yoga mats are made from materials such as PVC, which is a toxic plastic, but sustainable brands are focused on offering ones which protect the environment. The Green Yoga Association offers a gym mat made from Indian Cotton with a latex underneath and Jade Yoga has a natural rubber yoga mat on offer.

When it comes to workout wear, you may just prefer to do your yoga routine in the comfort of an old baggy top and comfy leggings, but it can often help to do yoga workouts in a specially created outfit. Yoga pants and sports tops come with proper support and stretch material so that you are comfortable throughout your workout, but a lot of these items are being completely rethought by sustainable brands. Horizon Athletic and Asquith offer eco-friendly clothing choices that are perfect for every yogi.


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