4 Reasons To Be Afraid Of A Color Assessment…

4 Reasons To Be Afraid Of A Color Assessment

I decided to go deep. Well, actually the Universe made this decision on my behalf because frankly, I did not have the guts to dip my big toe into the scary, muddy waters of my inner world. In fact, I did not actually know that I (or anybody else for that matter) possessed a subconscious, a self, a true being. And that we bury childhood wounds somewhere in this maze of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

I did, however, realize that something was wrong; that something was hidden, and that I would have to unearth this secret to survive. If not, I would stay a hot mess and probably drink way too much red wine just to cope. My proof that there was a missing piece of the puzzle came in the form of attracting the same kind of people and situations time and time again. Not-good-for-me-people and situations, I might add. Well, let’s be honest: narcissists, sociopaths and abusers. You know those dangerously charming ones?

To recognize that this was indeed a pattern in my life was my first awakening.

After admitting to myself that I am repeating a cycle, the first step was to find the courage to leave the abusive relationship, which I finally did. Needless to say it was not pretty. I hated myself, berated myself, and judged myself. And wanted to go back several times because I believed it was my fault. Fortunately, my guardian angels protected me. (Because sometimes we do need help in the form of higher beings.)

The next step was self-exploration. But, dear oh dear, to take the leap, ask the difficult questions and do some serious introspection were crazy scary. Until today I cannot say which of the two was more frightening: Leaving the old or coming home to myself.

In the end, I chose me.

I have always been fascinated by the non-traditional side of life and decided to see an astrologer to help my get to know myself better. During the reading, she recommended that I learn a spiritual language.

“A spiritual language? What on earth is that?” I asked.

“Something like astrology, numerology or color. Something that will open you up to yourself, open your mind and open your eyes.”

So, I chose the easy way out: I chose color because I love color, and décor, and houses, and beautiful things. And let’s be real, how enlightening can color be? (As you can see, I was still not taking this awareness thing too seriously.) I thought it would be a gentle, fun and beautiful way to open up to myself. And it was indeed.

But as with everything in life where there is a light and a dark side, it was not all rosy.

After my first color assessment – a divine tool and Angelic language – I realised that color was no joke: It gets to the heart of matters it pulls the rug from under you and it shatters every belief you have about yourself and life. (I always picture The Tower in the Tarot when I think of my first color reading.)

It reconnected me with my body and made me realise that there was a reason behind my constant bladder infections and sciatica pain, it showed me my habitual emotional responses to challenges and why I attracted abusive partners, and it revealed how I have been conditioned to think about life in general. I discovered the heart of matters, and I learned what my purpose is (all seekers have this burning desire).

But I want to warn you: Unless you okay with the four reasons below, do not try a color assessment as a way of self-discovery and self-growth:

1. Once you know your colors, you can never go back. Some days you will wish that you have left those stones of self-development unturned. Because it is not always easy or pleasant to take full responsibility for what you feel, think, and how you react. But more often than not you will thank your lucky stars that you have been courageous enough to go within.

2. You will never look at the colors that show up in your life the same way.

Believe me. A red door is no longer just a red door. And a yellow bird in the tree in front of your house is no longer just a yellow bird. All colors will have meaning. Color will become a signpost on the path of growth and transformation.

3. You will start to see people and things in color.

You will hear yourself say, “Oh, she is probably in a blue phase; she needs to speak up”. Or, boy, you need more orange in your life! You are way too uptight!”

4. Life will be beautiful.

Every day will be a joy and an adventure. Every person will hold a lesson. Every situation will put your new life skills to the test. And you will color your food, your home, your wardrobe, your speech and your life.

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