4 Awesome Benefits You Get From Retreats…

4 Awesome Benefits You Get From Retreats

The Power of Retreats

As spiritual beings, we need time to recharge with the energy flowing in nature; our nature.

Sometimes we try, but fail, when we go to the beach, lake, or the forest on those great family trips!

This is because we need to find a moment of silence and solitude from time to time. This is why a retreat can be so powerful.

In the company of a group with the same interests, you get a fresh new energy.

In a weekend retreat not only you’re going to feel great, you’re going to commit yourself to do it once a year.

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Here are Some of the Benefits

1. You find out you’re not the only crazy person who wants/needs ME-Time.
Feeling bad because you think you’re selfish? Come on! You deserve time for yourself, and to treat yourself like a god or goddess. We’re always in the search for our purpose or calling in this life.

This is a great opportunity to do this.

2. Meeting people with same interest is fun and refreshing.
Not only do they love yoga, you’re gaining partners in crime! Because hey, they can’t make that yoga pose either, so all of you can have a great laugh or cry at the same time; or maybe they can help you do that pose.

You can share your life experiences with them and notice you’re doing good. You can also get new perspectives of everyday situations. Feels great, right!?

3. Reconnect with your true self.
Meditation, yoga, and relaxing activities all are simple ways to connect to your feelings, thoughts, and actions without judging. You can see them with new eyes, become aware of your emotions, and value them more.

You have the right to feel them because you’re a divine child of God in a human body. One-soul-enlightenment-credit for you!

4. Learn things you can practice at home.
Great learning happens in retreats. You’re not only learning new yoga poses or new techniques to improve your meditation practice; you’re learning how to translate them and make them part of your everyday-life forever.

And if you forget, you always can repeat the retreat again. Fantastic!


An Incredible Support

If you need time to make big decisions, a silent retreat is awesome. If you need a big support group, a yoga/meditation retreat is fabulous; if these don’t appeal to your taste, you can find a diversity of retreats in your community.

And don’t look just to the ones close to your town!

You can travel the world with a great powerful excuse to find yourself.

In that way, I spent a few sunrises meditating in front of the Pacific ocean, and did yoga and meditation in the deep realms of the rain forest.

The experience you get from this is going to be with you until your soul transforms into a divine light-being.


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