4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mindfulness For Body And Brain…

4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mindfulness For Body And Brain

In our 9-5 life routine, we plan our days while commuting for work. Life is busy, and we get no time to focus on our present. In this rush of accomplishing the essential tasks, we get stressed out. Therefore, we often ignore our feelings and well-being.

Scientific research shows how mediation can help people in their routine lives. Be it our mind or body; mediation benefits help in stress-reduction besides providing various other advantages for our health.

The practice of sitting silently with crossed legs, palms upward, and eyes shut is not just the tradition of monks. Every one of us can practice mediation and enjoy its phenomenal benefits.

Still wondering about the usefulness of mediation? Have a look at the 4 golden benefits of mindfulness:

1. Improves the Heart Health

Do you know about the cause of 1 in 4 deaths in the U.S every year? It’s heart disease. Yes, the growing number of cardiac patients needs to be treated in multiple ways. Besides the allopathic medicines, mindfulness can also contribute to reducing the symptoms of heart diseases.

• Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases

In a recent study, some heart patients were advised to increase the therapies for muscle relaxation either by medication or through mediation. Progressive muscle relaxation has a direct impact on diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The results revealed that patients who used mediation have remarkably low blood pressure in comparison to those who preferred medication. This shows how mindfulness reduces the chances of getting heart-related issues.

• Increases Cardiovascular Capacity

Additionally, mindfulness also plays a big role in increasing our cardiovascular capacity. This fact is backed by another study. Here people were suggested either to start the online program of mindfulness or to stand on the waitlist while continuing the routine medicines. People who registered for the program showed a significant improvement in their walking test.

Moreover, people who are already having good heart health can also benefit from the technique. The respiratory sinus arrhythmia, which is a good indicator of heart health, is increased through mindfulness. Thus, we get in a better position of surviving a heart attack.

2. Slows Down Cognitive Decline

Many people start losing their cognitive flexibility with aging. Mindfulness plays a great role in reducing this decline and increasing short-term memory. Even in Alzheimer’s patients, mindfulness leaves a positive impact.

One study was conducted in 2016 where Alzheimer’s patients were given various options like relaxation, stimulation, or mediation. When tests were conducted after two years, the group who choose mediation showed the best results. The reason behind this is the positive influence of mindfulness on attention.

It improves the attention that enables us to perform better in routine tasks. Another study proved this fact where two groups were given an option of mediation and control activity. After some time, a Stroop test, which measures attention, was conducted. Those who opted for mindfulness showed improved results in comparison to the control activity group.

3. Reduces Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

Stress, which is another common issue, can also be controlled through this technique. Yes, mindfulness help in reducing stress levels by lowering down the cortisol level. This is a stress hormone that helps in relaxing our minds. Many studies have been conducted so far, and each one of them showed a positive relation of stress with mindfulness.

Furthermore, when we repeat a single thing several times and focus on the present, we automatically secure our minds from negative distractions. Besides this, other stress-related issues like mood swings, insomnia, and loss of appetite are also cured through it.

Due to its great benefit of reducing anxiety and depression, mindfulness is often a mandatory element in several mental health treatment plans. Additionally, a separate treatment plan named mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) has been specifically designed for treating patients suffering from anxiety.

Another study of 2019 proved a positive impact of mindfulness on stress reduction. The study was conducted on psychologically depressed teachers. They were given mediation sessions for 20 minutes every day, and the course was completed in four months. Results have shown a dramatic reduction in stress levels compared to their pre-mediation stage.

4. Mindfulness Boosts Immunity

Fir fighting against diseases, our body uses immune cells. These are a group of immunoglobulins, natural killers, anti-inflammatory proteins, T-cells, and neuropils. Various techniques of mindfulness help in the growth of these immunity-boosting cells.

Research shows that mindfulness increases the growth of T-cells in breast cancer and HIV patients. This shows how mindfulness can play a part in the treatment of cancer. Additionally, it also improves the biomarkers in cancer patients, which is imperative for fighting against this disease.

Besides this, medical experts suggest that mindfulness increases the protein –interleukin 8 in patients. This shows that the overall immunity cells in the body are increased. Some patients also experience faster healing in wounds after the MBSR course.

Apart from it, patients with rheumatoid arthritis can also get the key benefits of mindfulness. These patients have remarkably higher C- reactive protein. The higher levels can have a negative impact on the physical health of the patients. However, after taking an MBSR course, people can dramatically reduce these levels.

Overall, the studies by several researchers show how mindfulness can play an active role in boosting immunity and increasing physical health.

Wrapping It Up

In short, mindfulness mediation has multiple benefits for our mind and body. It reduces the chances of getting a heart attack and increases the overall health of cardiovascular patients.

Furthermore, cognitive decline, which is common in Alzheimer’s disease, can also be reduced with MBSR programs. Stress and anxiety, which affect both our physical and mental health, can also be controlled through it.

Additionally, mindfulness helps in fighting against multiple diseases by increasing the growth of immunity cells in our body. These key benefits of mindfulness show how we can bring a positive change in life by attending an MBSR program. If you are in doubt, start with downloading an app of mindfulness and experience the difference.


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