30 Reasons To Appreciate The Health You Have Now…

30 Reasons To Appreciate The Health You Have Now

When we are bogged down with worry, fear or discomfort, it is likely you forget to appreciate aspects of your health in your current condition. What can I appreciate, you ask? Well, the ultimate basics, if you focus on them, will leave you wondering what more you could possibly want.

Let’s see 30 reasons to appreciate the health you have now:

1. You can bend to sit on the ground or on a seat.

2. You can chew.

3. You can feed yourself.

4. You can walk.

5. You can talk.

6. You can write.

7. You can see.

8. You can hear.

9. You have the sense of touch.

10. You can smell.

11. You can taste your food.

12. You can move your fingers.

13. You can move your toes.

14. You can inhale.

15. You can exhale.

16. You can express your emotions.

17. You can brush your teeth.

18. You can say ‘Thank you.’

19. You can move your arms and legs as you wish.

20. You live freely.

21. You have the ability to go outside.

22. You are able to think.

23. You are able give a hug.

24. You are able to cry.

25. You are able to laugh.

26. You are able to smile.

27. You can wash your hands with soap and water.

28. You can take a shower.

29. You can open your eyes.

30. You can get out of bed.

So many more as the list continues. When life gets us bogged down, we may forget that we may enjoy these aspects of our health and millions more that we often forget. Let us not forget to appreciate at least the basics by remembering and acknowledging these gifts when we can.

Source/Credit for Photo Above: https://www.her.ie/life/are-you-a-giggler-or-a-wheezer-revealed-what-your-laugh-says-about-you-30189


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