3 Ways To Use The Selenite And Shungite Healing Properties Together…

3 Ways To Use The Selenite And Shungite Healing Properties Together

Create a Protection Grid:

Place shungite cubes in the four corners of a room. Near the doorway, place selenite cleansing crystals. Shungite neutralizes harmful, negative energies that exist in your space whether its from people or EMFs. Its energy is extremely grounding. Selenite prevents negative energy from entering a space, helping rid people’s energy field as they come into the space. It creates a constant flow of calming, positive energy.

Promote Sound Sleep:

Combining a selenite crystal with a shungite sphere is a strong energetic pairing to promote restful sleep, alleviating insomnia, nightmares and anxiety. The shungite sphere works to eliminate that negative energy from your space while the selenite crystal emits a soothing energy throughout the bedroom.

Create a Meditation Vortex:

Meditation is amplified when you add the dimension of healing crystals. To create a meditation vortex, place four shungite cubes in the four directions surrounding your meditation cushion. As your sitting in meditation position, hold selenite harmonizers in your hands. Selenite tower create a pillar of light, so when you hold them in each hand, you have light surrounding your entire being. The four shungite cubes create a square base, and the harmonizers and crown of your head create a triangular formation. This has been an extremely intuitive meditation formula for us. You can add whatever other crystals your working with to your grid.

Anyway you can combine the polarity of these black and white stones will make an impact on your energy field. Use one of our methods, or use any combination of selenite crystals or shungite healing properties that works for you.

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