3 Ways To Practice Yoga On Vacation (And Why You Should)…

3 Ways To Practice Yoga On Vacation (And Why You Should)

My most memorable yoga classes have always been on vacations. I don’t remember the teacher, I can’t tell you a single pose I did, and I certainly didn’t advance my practice. But, I can tell you what the studios smelled like, what the views revealed, how I felt when I was there, and what I did the rest of the day to soak in the vacation vibes.

Vacation yoga is all about a feeling. Here are some options to help you sink into that feeling of being in the flow of your body, breath, and life wherever your Summer travel has you this year.

Option 1: Book class at a local studio.

If you’re a longtime yoga practitioner, you will love seeing a new studio and meeting a new teacher. You may experience something wholly different from what you have experienced in your home studio. Or, as is often part of the charm, you may find yoga studios and practices are extremely consistent and similar all across the globe.

I’ve practiced in studios from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Blacksburg, Virginia, and they’ve all had that feel of a studio I know from my home town in Los Angeles.

Sneaking off to a studio is my favorite option when I’m vacationing with a large crowd. You will feel reinvigorated and ready for another round of board games on a family reunion if you get away for two hours into a local sanctuary.

Option 2: Practice in nature.

This week, I watched the rain pour down in the Low Country of South Carolina while I snuck in some quick practices under the canopy by a pool. I have more than a few bug bites to show for it.

This is my favorite option when the local scenery is worth soaking in, and I don’t want to be on a specific schedule. If you’re staying in a beach town, you will nearly always find resorts hosting classes on the sand. Or, you can just opt for a self-guided class. Roll out your beach towel, and enjoy sun salutations and stretches to your own pace.

Option 3: Choose an online yoga class.

I took my kids to an amusement park a few weeks ago. My hotel was decked out in toys, sparkly lights, and child-friendly decor. They had a blast; I felt claustrophobic. This wasn’t the place where I could sneak off for a few hours to do yoga in a gorgeous setting.

Instead, when I put the kids to bed, I threw a yoga class on my tablet and practiced on my hotel floor. It’s not going to feel the same as a studio, but this practice will still feel wonderful, healing, and necessary. It will help you digest all the uncommon foods you may be eating when traveling, help you sleep better, and allow you to feel like you had a little place and time to yourself.

For an in-hotel online class, I recommend something mellow and stretchy.


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