3 Ways To Be One With Spirit…

3 Ways To Be One With Spirit

You can Know Spirit

In every religion Spirit (or God) exists.

After all, our ancestors saw divinity in the Power of Nature. In our deep collective consciousness, we reverence and accept the idea of God.

He is living in us; we adore him in his earthly avatars as Buddha, Jesus and Krishna. They teach us how to be closer to him.

But how can be one with him, if we barely find time to complete our individuals and trivial duties every day?

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There are 3 ways to be one with God that doesn’t require making extra time in our daily routines:

  1. See and feel God in your work and home.  When you’re at the office, see God in your co-workers, employees, and clients. See him in your home, when your children, your wife, or husband ask for help. Do exactly the same with your close relatives and friends. Serving them, you serve God, which puts you in communion with him. Every opportunity to help them you are tuning yourself with God’s grace and energy.
  2. Include God in your favorite hobby. Every person has one right? It can be walking, running, zumba, yoga classes, gardening, golf, and so many more. What if you let God bless your activities? Make a short pause to offer the activity to him. Sometimes when I’m at zumba classes and I think I’m going to stop, I offer that extra effort to God and ask him to help me purify my soul through it. The results: I finish with more strength and happiness.
  3. Meditate. Just take ten minutes in the morning and night. Tune yourself with God. Just repeat: “God you are with me, I’m your child I Love you and I know you love me.” After that, breathe and feel God. If you find this hard, use technology! I have one friend that finds it difficult to sit and meditate; now she uses an application in her phone that reminds her to meditate and gauges her time in meditation.

Doing this three steps you’re not only feel the presence of God, you start to feel him every day in your heart.  Be one with the Divine and full your soul with love.

Remember to make a habit! You need to do it for at least seven days.

Now I challenge you to start today.

God bless your soul and life.


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