3 Ways You Can Live In The Moment And Experience The Fullness Of Life…

3 Ways You Can Live In The Moment And Experience The Fullness Of Life


Too often we roam through life in a slumber.

We are asleep to the possibilities of change and moments in time that shape who we are and the path we choose.

The daily grind, the monthly duties and yearly requirements of our lives absorb us like a thirsty sponge. We wear blinders that prevent us from noticing the simple signs.

In truth, many are comfortable living behind the door of existence, accepting what is and what will be – unaware of noteworthy events that circle our lives each moment.

Moments and events where we can either engage or turn our mind away.

Many signs around us beacon for attention.

Most of my of life I have paid attention to details.

Not in an OCD manner, but in an awareness of my life, the details of my life and present moment happenings. I am an endless being.

Capable of body and mind experiences. I have a strong sense of myself – not a conceited sense of self, but a deep down sensitivity that all I am exists within myself.

For me, nature takes center stage as an avenue for living in the present moment.

Taking time to breathe in the beauty of what the world has to offer is truly an amazing experience.

An awareness that I am a single speck on the earth brings me completely into the here and now.

At that moment, there is no room in my mind for any anxiety, stress, regret or fear.

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Balance and Create

It is difficult to balance and create the life we want while we are busy living in the past.

Anticipation of “a better day” or “the grass is greener” thinking leaves us someplace else other than in the moment.

Worry, regret, and anxiety are mental states.

We can develop a deeper awareness of the full possibilities we have in our lives.

We create our experiences.

And more profoundly, create our reactions to those experiences.

Finding that balance is essential to finding happiness and inner peace.

Understand Change

Life is change and growth is optional.

That is an old saying that is so very true and most of us forget this.

When life events happen we can either deny the experience or open our minds to better understand ourselves and others.

Changes will continue to move through our lives. Are we growing and changing for the better?

Growth and change does not mean to leave a trail of destruction in our path as we mow down people or ideas in search of our own meaning.

Growth or change from a deeper definition might best be described as a willingness to better understand ourselves, an ability to face the conflicts while gaining wisdom from the experience, and an inner desire to connect wholeheartedly to ourselves and to others.

Without fear. Without judgment. Without regret.


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Beth Hall

Beth Hall is a mental health therapist and certified life coach. She believes in mind, body, and soul connections. She…

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