Before You Take Advice On Nutrition, You Need To Know These 3 Very Basic Facts…

Before You Take Advice On Nutrition, You Need To Know These 3 Very Basic Facts


Everything you need to know about nutrition is a google click away. I did not become a Nutritionist to learn more about what’s good and bad for you in terms of food. What drew me to food was the story behind what we put on our plates. Every day we have decisions to make on what enters our body. I wanted to learn why so many of us live in toxic cycles which leave us empty and unnourished.

These days we’re stuffing ourselves with knowledge, yet getting further away from the truth. Truth in how we should best be living our lives and the fuel that will get us there. The first step is getting in touch with what our body truly needs, mentally and physically. We internally know what is right for us by the way it feels, yet externally act out of emotion, habit or what I believe is information overload.

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1) Food should not be feared

Food is fuel, some things have more nutrients than others. Good vs. bad plays into the mentality that you need restriction in your life. I would rather you gravitate towards an apple than a chocolate bar because of the way it makes you feel long-term. Fear based thinking manifests health issues. You may be like me and not have the willpower to eat 100 percent clean all the time. So what happens when you bite that brownie and you’ve already decided it’s “bad” for you? Guilt, regret, sense of failure overrides any sense of enjoyment from that bite.

2) Health is controversial

There is no one person, school of thought or definition as to what will lead you to health. We have become addicted to outsourcing our health, especially to doctors. The more we can place areas of our life in the hands of experts, the less likely we are to take control of our situation. Therefore if something hasn’t changed or is unable to be fixed, we can blame someone or something outside of ourselves. I’m here to tell you the only expert in your life is you. There will always be a new diet trend, listen internally rather than externally to your needs.

3) Becoming healthy should be easy

Change can be as simple or complicated as we want it to be. I realize certain health issues are complex, but there are way too many people thinking that they have some elaborate issue to fix. What if for a moment you acted as though everything was perfect? How would you spend your time? How would you treat yourself? Manifest perfection, rather than struggling to a solution. Often times people can get addicted to their struggle, it can keep you procrastinating your life away.

My final tip would be to take a second to stop searching for what more you can be doing. Simply look at your life, and take out or move away from what you know is inherently harming you. Because it is those choices, big or small that add up to how good you feel and ultimately the overall state of your health.


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Keira McCredie

Keira McCredie is a Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach. After going through her own weight loss transformation, she truly believes…

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