3 Resources For Isolation…

3 Resources For Isolation

As the collective consciousness is challenged by a common threat, a virus that seems to be as mysterious as it is destructive, we may also find moments of profound peace and healing. While COVID-19 suggests we physically distance from each other, and this can be tough for so many, there are many ways to find peace and connection during this time of quarantine. Below are a few tools available to all of us.

1. From ground to sky

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are currently seeing the dawn of spring. With spring comes a surge of nature so beautiful and multifaceted that it could take a life time to ingest it all.

Wherever you are, consider the natural world a resource. Taking walks in nature or slowing down to appreciate all it has to offer right in your front yard can bring you to the present and help you gain perspective.

2. Connection like never before

Although this is not available to all in the same way, tools such as Zoom and Skype are connecting us like never before. What’s wonderful about this connectivity tool is that it eliminates the barrier of mobility. Finding and offering support via these technological tools can offer great rewards. And if you’ve been intimidated by these platforms, they are getting easier to use by the day.

Though there is a limit to the amount of time we want to look at screens, scheduling in time to learn about these technologies and reach out may offer great benefit. There are also many free online resources, such as museum tours and live yoga classes to take advantage of right now.

3. The waves of breath and body

Take a long, slow breath with me now. Though sometimes we read about mindfulness and we say we want to begin a daily practice, it can be somewhat difficult in ordinary life to keep it up. Additional time at home provides the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice or begin one.

A short meditation for anxiety is here. And for a physical offering, check out this yoga sequence.

Any time you meditate or practice, imagine those who are practicing with you. As many, many news articles have said, we are in this together. You and me. We’re never alone in this journey, and herein we may find a taste of comfort.


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