3 Refreshing Ways To Drink Your Vitamins…

3 Refreshing Ways To Drink Your Vitamins

When it comes to staying healthy, there’s a lot you can do each day for your body and mind. You can eat a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, exercise and get plenty of sleep. For your mental health, you can practice mediation, commit to a yoga routine and practice mindfulness to bring you back to balance. Sometimes, even with the best effort, important nutritional pieces that your body needs are left out. That’s where vitamins come in. They are a fairly straightforward way to fill in the blanks, keeping you healthier and making your immune system stronger in the long run. However, it’s not uncommon for them to be downright unpleasant to take. Some are too large and have a knack for getting stuck in your throat. Others have strong odors or a lingering aftertaste that leaves much to be desired. And sometimes, the amount you take can become unmanageable or confusing (not to mention expensive). If you’re looking for new ways to reap all of their benefits without all the hassle, keep reading. Here’s three refreshing ways you can make drinking your vitamins a part of your daily routine and make capsules a thing of the past.

1. Work With Your Diet

Regardless of your current diet, there are plenty of ways to pack drinks such as smoothies, teas and even water with vitamin-rich whole foods or supplements. This is great news for anyone afraid that supplementing isn’t possible without traditional vitamins. For instance, you might be surprised to see the diet-friendly options for keto drinks that are not only easy to put together, but can be (mostly) healthy for you as well. You can also have fun with experimentation here. Adding different leafy greens, pro or pre-biotic supplements or even nuts to your smoothies will pack a big nutritional punch while staying in line with your lifestyle. Familiarizing yourself with common vitamin and nutrient-rich foods will help you make smart and healthy choices along the way.

2. Look for the Fizz

Have you tried effervescent vitamins yet? If you haven’t, now’s a great time to start (and it’s not just for the fizzing action). They’ve actually been around for a really long time, and for good reason. Not only are they super convenient because you can mix them with water or juice, the effervescent quality means your body will absorb them more efficiently than the traditional capsule you’d swallow. If you’re someone who tends to experience indigestion or nausea from vitamins, reaching for vitamins in this form could be the cure.

3. Know What to Drink, When and Why

Did you know that drinking water isn’t the be all end all you may have thought it was? While drinking plenty of water is very important, there are other beverages that do some great things too. It’s also pretty easy to make them part of your daily routine. Take the time to learn about the benefits everyday ingredients offer, such as how hot lemon water cleanses your liver or how diluted apple cider vinegar helps indigestion. Having this knowledge will make all the difference in how you take care of your body and in your overall health as well.

Staying healthy has always been important, but these days it’s become a clear priority for so many. Making changes to how you fuel your body and maintain or improve your health will add up to something great and you won’t regret it. What’s more? It’s easy. You have so many options for how to go about it and it’s not nearly as restrictive as you’d think. In fact, it can be much more convenient (and delicious) than popping numerous vitamin capsules each day. Do some research, gather some ideas and get to work. Take note of any marked improvements, whether they’re physical or mental or both, and commit to continuing.


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