3 New Perspectives To Self-Care: More Than Manicures And Pedicures…

3 New Perspectives To Self-Care: More Than Manicures And Pedicures

“Self-care is giving the world the BEST of you, instead of WHAT’s LEFT of you” Katie Reed

Imagine being on a beach and reading a good book, or having a spa day where you are getting pampered from head to toe, or even a day to yourself away from the kids.

In case none of those things are not for you or within your grasp, but you value self-care and need a new perspective, here it is! Self-care can be more than manicures, pedicures and Massages. I know, it’s a different spin on it, but think of it this way, your body and mind are also part of self-care and need some TLC.

Here are 3 perspectives to self-care that you can implement and still get the benefit of putting yourself first.

Your Inner Circle

The friends in your inner circle should contribute to your soul and leave you with a desire to be a better person. There is magic in aligning yourself with people that emanate positive energy, give you honest feedback, and have no hidden agenda except to see you win!

If your inner circle is not giving you what you give to them then it may be time to take a look, assess and reposition where necessary.

Think of it this way….if you have ever participated in a line dance of any kind (or watched one), the energy is amazing. Everyone is doing or trying to do the same thing. They are either dancing because they know the steps or trying to learn. It is so contagious that when you finish the line dance you want to do another one. That electric feeling is how your inner circle should make you feel, inspired, like you can conquer the world.

If you feel drained, upset or frustrated after spending time with your inner circle then its time to assess. The ‘inner’ is the most important part of the inner circle.

Physical Care

Taking care of your body (your temple) is vital to the quality of your existence. Your nutrition, exercise and down time are the three main components of your physical care.

There is tons of evidence that show that eating well and exercising releases dopamine in our brain which is also known as the feel-good neurotransmitter. For those that already have an exercise routine you are already experiencing this feel-good feeling. There is real science behind it. So, don’t cheat yourself out of this self-care practice!

Bottom line, when you feel good physically it helps your overall wellness. There is a huge sense of satisfaction after feeling and seeing the benefits of eating well and exercise.

Additionally, NEVER underestimate the power of rest. During your down time is when you regenerate and heal. Be kind to yourself. Get your rest!!!

Your body will thank you.

Develop Yourself

Have you ever thought of self-care as discovering something new about yourself? or developing a new skill?

What an amazing thought that you can become a lifelong student in the school of You, majoring (and minoring) in the most important subject – YOU! There is a sense of empowerment with discovering something new about yourself. No matter how old you are there is some facet of you that you haven’t tapped into. Discovering those facets is what makes you evolve into a better you.

It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s not too late to change your career to feed your passion, write a book, learn how to swim or dance or both, start a new business, whatever it is for you…..It’s not too late.

Along with the 3 self-care perspectives mentioned here, let’s be clear…..manicures, pedicures, and massages are still on the table as important parts of self-care. So, whether its DIY or if you go to a spa, being intentional about doing those things are key.

While you are doing those things my hope is that after reading this you will have a renewed perspective when you think of self-care and think of the unseen parts of you that require your attention.

Now, take a moment, get your favorite drink and pause for a YOU Break. Think about the next opportunity you have to grab your inner circle, get the feel-good neurotransmitters flowing and let the discovery begin!


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