Vision Of A New World: 3 Lessons The Summer Solstice Brings…

Vision Of A New World: 3 Lessons The Summer Solstice Brings



At the Summer Solstice, with the forces of life and light reaching a peak, Nature offers us a beautiful vision of reality and our world.

Here are three simple, potent lessons from Nature that can help you revision your life and our collective reality in alignment with the powers of life in the summer season.

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1) Abundance is real.

In the sun-bright days of Summer, abundance isn’t an illusion or utopian ideal.

It’s real and substantive, woven of the raw elements of sun, earth, rain, soil and seed that, through the wondrous miracle of life, produce the foodstuff that feeds the hungry bellies of this world.

Nature’s abundance expresses itself in an ethos of generosity, of giving more rather than less and taking only what is needed.

Take a single cherry tree, not only does it offer up delicious fruits for humans and creatures alike year after year, but the pits of the fruit provide the seeds of future plants and harvests.

2) Life is good.

The powers of life are at a peak at the Summer Solstice, and the good things of the living world are on full display.

The sun is hot. The sky is clear blue.

Wild things are plump, healthy and busy tending their young. Ripe fruits weigh down branches. Gardens are overflowing with produce.

Sunshine caresses bare skin. Luscious flowers scent warm breezes.

Wild music of birdsong and buzzing insects fills the airwaves.

Flowers paint the landscape in bright colors and vibrant greens. Strawberries are soft and sweet. Life is very, very good.

3. All life is beautiful and worthy.

Wild things don’t have self-worth or identity issues.

A dung beetle doesn’t stop to measure its beauty and value against a butterfly.

It goes about the business of being a dung beetle, in alignment with its unique dung beetle purpose and place in the great weaving of life.

Be it a dung beetle or butterfly, dandelion or rose, robin or turkey vulture, mouse or wild cat, no one is more beautiful or worthy than another.

The summertime powers of light and life call every living being to blossom, flourish, and play their essential part in the balance and well-being of the whole.

Vision of a New World

Nature teaches us that abundance, goodness and beauty are real and ever present.

It reminds us that nothing is forever; from the depth of Winter, life always returns to and unfolds into the stunning, plenitude of Summer.

Life exists to create and nurture more life.

Imagine a world infused with Nature’s life-centered reality: where scarcity is met with abundance, fear with truth, hatred with goodness, pain with joy, and suffering with compassion, and where there is enough happiness, love, respect, nourishment, resources, beauty and power for everyone and everything.

Imagine that there’s a place and purpose in our world for every person and wild being, each beautiful, worthy and precious, and that every person brings their very best gifts and qualities to the communal table of humanity to solve the problems we’ve created and build a new, better world together.

Then shift into this living state of abundance, goodness and beauty; stretch out your hands and send this vision outward, like a prayer, into the awakening hearts of our human world.


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