3 Great Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Haven For Inner-Peace…

3 Great Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Haven For Inner-Peace

Have you been feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world? Many people find that reconnecting with nature is a great way to escape from the stresses and cares of daily life; it’s a way to discover your true self and achieve inner peace. Follow these tips to turn your backyard into your own private haven dedicated to relaxation and bliss.

1. Build a Swimming Pool

The most enchanting element that you can add to a backyard is a beautiful water feature, and nothing’s quite as majestic, and useful, than a well-designed swimming pool. Don’t let pool cost deter you from going grand with your plans – since the pool will become the central feature of your backyard, it’s important to customize your pool to make it look exactly how you want.

Aesthetic upgrades will make your pool truly unique. Consult a professional landscaper to soften the edges of the pool and make it blend into the overall landscape of your yard. You should also consider adding a dynamic waterfall to the design of the pool. Not only will the waterfall provide the soothing sights and sounds of moving water, it also will serve as a way to recirculate the pool water as part of the filtration system.

2. Include a Spa

A refreshing dip in a swimming pool can certainly be relaxing. To relieve the tensions of the day, though, nothing beats a session in a backyard spa or hot tub. Hot tubs soothe the stress of the day away by removing tension from your muscles and improving blood circulation. Many homeowners who take the plunge to build a pool also include either an in-ground or a self-contained spa unit as part of the project. In-ground spas can become an attractive complement to the overall design of a pool. It’s best to place the built-in spa right next to the pool so that they can share filters, pumps and heaters. If you choose to install a portable spa, you will need a flat, level surface in your backyard that will support the weight of the structure, as well as the weight of the water and any people that may be in it. As you can probably imagine, this is too much strain for an average deck to be able to support. It’s recommended to install a portable spa on a 4-inch-thick reinforced-concrete slab. Once installed, dress up the area with appropriate landscaping, and be sure to set out some glowing lanterns to create an overall atmosphere of relaxation.

3. Create a Pond

Yet another water feature that will enhance the aesthetic and relaxing atmosphere of your backyard is to create a vibrant pond filled with plants and wildlife. Use a flexible pond liner, which is inexpensive and easy to install, to create a pond in the shape of your choice. Hide the water circulation system under a grouping of rocks. Once you’ve achieved the right water conditions for the plants and animals you wish to introduce, you can start adding the plants and wildlife to the pond. Use a combination of marginal and lower-growing water plants to give variety to the landscape. Finally, bring in the koi fish to the pond, but don’t be hasty and put them in all at once – this can change the conditions of the water, making it unsafe for fish and plants. Instead, introduce the fish gradually so that the water can adjust properly to the new wildlife. Keep in mind that the water should be at least 3 feet deep for the koi to thrive. Set out a bench or some outdoor furniture to give you a peaceful space to enjoy the sights and sounds of the new mini ecosystem that you’ve created.

If you’ve never considered your backyard as your personal oasis, you’re missing out on its true potential. By following these tips and enhancing the natural beauty of your backyard, you’ll create an everyday escape that’s all your own.


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