3 Case Studies That May Make You Believe In Reincarnation…

3 Case Studies That May Make You Believe In Reincarnation


I once heard a great saying from an Indian monastic: “Whether or not you believe in something is irrelevant; the question is, is it true?”

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, these cases are extraordinary…and the implications are important.

Take a look at these and watch the videos. Let us know what you think!

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Gus Taylor

Many stories of reincarnation are certainly rather wild, and this is no exception.

Gus Taylor began to recount memories- of his own grandfather (Augie)- when he was 18 months old.

Thinking it was just a kid being a kid, his father brushed it off. But several years later, when the family was looking at old photos of the grandparents (brought home after the grandmother’s funeral), Gus was able to pick out the grandfather and the grandfather’s first car even though he had never seen it.

Even more shocking, he remembered that Augie’s sister was murdered…something no one had ever mentioned to him or even around him.

Edward Austrian


Ever since he was a small child, Edward had an extreme fear of dark, damp weather.

He often became ill with throat problems, often referring to it, oddly, as a “shot”.

At 4, Edward had developed a cyst in his throat that needed to be removed surgically. immediately following his tonsil removal, he began to recount to his mother a previous life as a soldier named James.

James was fighting in WWI when he was shot in the throat and killed.

After recounting the story, Edward’s cyst healed and inexplicably went away- even though doctors had predicted it could become life threatening.

James Leininger

This is probably one of the most well known stories of reincarnation today, especially in the west.

James was a normal child by all appearances, save for one: he seemed to have an incredible obsession of planes….far more than any normal child.

He talked about them constantly, and began to describe another life as a fighter pilot.

Puzzled, his parents asked him more questions until eventually lots of strange and precise details began to emerge: the pilot’s name, the plane’s name (James M. Huston Jr.), the place he was shot down (Iwo Jima) and even the name of the boat that James claimed to have took off from. It was called the Natoma.

Using the boat as a reference point, his parents began to investigate. Incredibly, all the facts- including the name of the pilot and his death in Iwo Jima- checked out.

Even more incredible, James met his copilots and remembered their names; he even met his previous sister and remembered incredible details no one else could have known.


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