3 Budget-Friendly Wellness Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank…

3 Budget-Friendly Wellness Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank

Do you believe in saving money and still go on a vacation? Well, sounds more like a fallacy than doable materiality. More than your energy and vibe, holidaying at a destination requires money and a lot of planning to manage the expenditure intelligently.

However, not every destination is expensive and you are probably in luck as some of the most popular countries in the world offer cost-effective wellness vacations. Be it a solo adventure, family extravaganza or a couple retreat, your holiday experience has to be fulfilling in every way possible.

There are many reasons why people refuse to choose some of these famous destinations for a holiday and the number one reason is the over-exaggeration of almost everything. Be it the price, food or even local markets, everything is pictured abruptly and probably sans any concrete information. You must visit these 3 destinations for an optimal wellness vacation experience.

These destinations are handpicked and are the chosen one when it comes to offering excellent traveling experience, wellness vacations, perfect accommodation, and tons of opportunities for exploration.

1. Portugal

Being at Portugal is no less than living thousands of experiences in a short span of time. Just like combining shots for a movie. However, there is more to Portugal than few pictures you see on social media or the usually balmy weather.

The castles of the medieval era, beautiful villages, and captivating beach life are some of the reasons why travelers love coming to Portugal. This is just the beginning and Portugal has much more to itself to leave you lusting for more. Cities like Lisbon are amongst the most popular wellness vacation destinations offering opportunities for budget Yoga retreats in cities like Algarve, or Cascais, adventure activities like hiking, and delicious food escapades.

You can get a Lisbon city pass worth 19€ that allows you to a 24-hour admission to witness the museums, historic monasteries and art & culture in Portugal. Towards the North, the city of Porto has some of the spectacular architecture, churches, and dated popular wines that you may never get to taste anywhere on this planet. The magnificence of the Douro valley shall surely catch you off-guard and steal your heart in your most vulnerable moments.

Where else would you get to see the grandeur at such an affordable price? Probably in Portugal.

Apart from this, you can opt for hiking amid the challenging peaks of Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês or simply enjoy the scenic view of the historic villages of the little-explored Beiras. Deep down if you love music, Portugal has an artistic side to it. The rural Portugal has musical traditions, that starts from the polyphonic cante Alentejana in the Alentejo to the Pauliteiros (stick dancers) of Miranda do Douro.

2. Estonia

Estonia needs no special efforts to showcase its uniqueness on the global center stage. The culture, people and traditions put the country on a pedestal. The Northern Europe’s treasure trove was once associated with Finland in many ways but the 50 long years of Soviet rule changed the dynamics for good.

Sharing a similar geographical landscape with Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia is an amazing wellness location and do not strive hard for point of difference. This is the reason why you have a chance to visit these neighboring countries as well. Visiting Tallinn is considered as a cheap alternative to comparatively expensive cities like Stockholm. So, visiting Estonia means you may find a lot of similarities when it comes to people, language, accent, food, and souvenirs sold in the local markets.

This is truly a wellness vacation doused in the colors of multiple cultures and traditions. Not only Europeans bur travelers from all over the world cannot get enough of cities like Tallinn and its various old towns that are protected by UNESCO. What attracts most of these travelers are the scarcely populated country side areas and expansive forest areas that offers ample opportunities for adventure activities like camping, hiking, and exploration. Seems like a perfect wellness vacation, right?

You may also choose to participate in budget Yoga retreats at Hiiumaa or go for Yoga Teacher training programs that are laid out on a calendar of 25 fixed days and offer 200 hours of training. Luring locales, Yoga sessions amid the wilderness, vegetarian meals, and days spend singing prayers and chanting mantras for self-evaluation and enlightenment.

3. Italy

With some of best works of art ever created in the history of the Universe in its warm wrap, Italy walks and moves with poise. The center point of the empire once reigned by the Romans and the inception of the Renaissance, Italy thrives under the influence of its dated historical episodes of conquers and power. You would be surprised to know that Italy has the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world and this makes it even more charismatic for travelers and history enthusiasts.

A treat for shopaholics with brands like Prada and Gucci under one roof, Italy is definitely what wellness vacation would look like in a dream. If there is a place for branded products, then there is another side to this country that offers affordable holiday spots, retreats for loners, and good food for people seeking some fun in life.

You may head on to Tuscany for Yoga retreats that come packed with adventure activities, such as Hiking or choose to go to Sardinia for an Eco-Retreat and Yoga sessions. Some of the other holiday destinations apt for affordable wellness vacations are Puglia and Ragusa, where you may opt for either Yoga retreats or beach retreats for some alone time.

The accommodation is comparatively cheaper starting from €112 per night. What else is there? Well, there is world-famous Italian cuisine, the city of Florence where you can find the reflection of the Italian culture in the most prominent frame and finally some dose of countrysides for culture and hiking.

These destinations and many more are popular for some or other reasons. These destinations are popular for so many reasons but a spot for an affordable yet perfect wellness vacation shall always top the chart.


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