2020 Vision

Happy New Year! I would say happy new decade, but that’s not quite true when it comes to calendars, time, and all things related, because there is no year zero. Yes, there is a zero in mathematics, but not in calendars, and this is where the confusion may come in, as is evident around the Internet. That doesn’t take away from the profundity of this new period though. Regardless of this detail, the fact of the matter is that we have again entered into the “Roarin’ ’20s!”

And boy, what a roar we have at the beginning! In just a couple of days, we will kick things off with a lunar eclipse on the same day that Uranus finishes stationing direct, amplifying the already intense eclipse energy, and adding a dash of the unexpected and unknown into the equation. Watch your online interactions too, as Uranus is the planet that governs mass communication and the World Wide Web. Eclipses tend to distort things too, so seeing clearly may not be something that comes easily the first few weeks of January.

After this eclipse though, it will be full steam ahead until February 15th or so, when Mercury begins to station retrograde. On a practical level, this tells us that if you have been wanting to move forward with things, this will be the time to do it. The question though, is what exactly would it be wise to do?

…And, this is where we address the overall theme of the year. No doubt by now you have read articles and watched videos from your favorite astrologers (other than me. 😉 ) all over the place, so you have a basic understanding of what is happening. The main theme for the bulk of the year is the harmony and balance between Cancer and Capricorn energy, the archetypal mother and father, nurture and nature, and tenderness and coldness. While most of the planetary action is in Capricorn (father, nature, coldness), the North Node of the Moon is in Cancer until late May, only to move into Gemini just in time for the Sun, Mercury, and Venus to all move to take its place through late July and early August. That particular time period will act as a magnifier regarding themes that are present in the first half of the year. One of the ways you can work with this is to pay attention to themes now, because in July and August they may come back up again, in more intense ways.

When you factor in the retrograde periods of the year, it becomes clear that internally harmonizing the Cancer and Capricorn traits mentioned above will be a major theme in general. Instead of going into this year with an agenda for change, it would be wise to let the energy of the solar system dictate where you should change, with the ‘how’ being under your control. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling like you’re pushing a boulder uphill, which will inevitably crush you under inertia.

The good news though, is that once most of the zodiacal activity moves out of Cancer in August, the more things may loosen up substantially through the end of the year. We see this reflected in where the planets finish on December 31, 2020. In January 2020 the emphasis is on earth and water signs, but at the end of December, it will be more well-rounded, and thus not as dense. An easy way to think of this is that the more the year progresses, the less intense things may feel. By no means will we be out of the woods yet at the end of the year, but we will get a chance to catch our breath and return to our sacred center, just in time for 2021. And, just in time to kick off a New Year’s Eve 2021 bash, the likes of which may not have been seen since 1921!

Yes, hold onto your hats and address the themes mentioned above for the first half of the year, but be rest assured that things will loosen up and relax the further we progress. To keep up with things, check back here often, check my website, YouTube channel, and social media!



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