2020 Vision – Astrological Forecast…

2020 Vision – Astrological Forecast

With all the spiritual systems available today, astrology remains a leading light for clarity and liberation.


The first year of the 2020s is obviously Capricorn, which presents some major astrological transits to face and to work with

With all the spiritual systems available today, astrology remains a leading light for clarity and liberation. The Cosmic Signature for the year 2020 is Capricorn. So this will bring up challenges connected to attachments – healthy and unhealthy. This also highlights Jupiter in Capricorn, which makes for a year of growing out of codependency! Themes of bondage, materialism, and manipulation are highlighted as well. We all need to be very careful about creating karma with others, remember we are here to clear karma, not to create more of it!

Most of us have accumulated so much karma in our current life that we barely have enough time to deal with past life karma in a proactive, head-on approach. Perseverance will be asked of us as a collective. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is especially during the 3 phases of mercury retrograde (please mark your calendars).

The 2020 Mercury Retrograde dates:

  • February 17 – March 10 (Pisces)
  • June 18 – July 12 (Cancer)
  • October 14 – November 3 (Scorpio)

Because Mercury retrograde affects our focus and communication, keep it together as much as possible, stay focused and double-check travel plans, contracts, and negotiations. Avoid beginning or signing anything big if possible. This year’s Mercury retrogrades occur within all three of the water signs, so it’s almost as if the water is going in reverse giving us the ability to flow upstream like salmon! It’s time to open the mind (Mercury) and go against the emotional flow. Water signs will feel these Mercury retrogrades massively and create a thirst for safety and security from fear.

It’s no wonder the cosmic signature for 2020 is Capricorn, look at all these planets in Capricorn:

Pluto is in Capricorn until 2025

This is a transit that has triggered how collective karma and interdependence affect us on the deepest most personal level down to the cellular level. Pluto brings upgrade and Capricorn rules over consensus reality which puts us into situations where many of us may know something with every cell of our body, but cannot provide logical evidence for it.

In the era of no activity other than social networking, where nothing is based on experience, the group mind has its immediate effects – good and bad – on everyone everywhere and instantly. So our personal minds will affect the collective without much resistance! Pluto also tells us where we belong and where we project others belong too. This includes anywhere from high school to international politics, even spam and personalized google results are all ruled by the Pluto in Capricorn transit, which will either keep us stuck in the matrix or help us liberate from it.

Saturn is finishing up its transit in Capricorn

A huge lesson we want to learn in this phase is regarding manifestation and the process of creating the material, which is a spiritual process. Just like every phase in this 3-year transit, we begin this final phase on the winter solstice, when the light begins to return to the world. Now we too are increasing our power.

Building and finalizing upon the past two years, we will graduate this transit of our life by understanding that spirituality is not invisible, in fact, we are to learn that spirituality is within the material.  In reality, it is incomplete without the material. It is only invisible if we do not accept it as a truth. This is a window of time in which we become grounded, and come down to earth to be in awe of the spiritual within the material.  This includes money or currency, and energy or current.

Read more about this Saturn in Capricorn transit =>

Also worth mentioning is that at the end of 2020, Jupiter will catch up to Saturn in Aquarius, which is beginning another powerful cycle of societal change and restitution. We can expect healing of the earth’s waters as well as a huge emotional cleansing on a grand scale. It’s almost as if a collective thirst is being quenched to the degree we are able to take self-responsibility and thereby bring our best efforts to the world at large. We are releasing old subconscious patterns and warding off daunting emotions with this transit. More to come when that gets closer, but we need to know that it begins in 2020 and is another very long cycle of 20 years or so.

We will be challenged by the powerful and transformative planetary alignments in Capricorn with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter

The Pluto Saturn alignment will occur on January 12, 2020, which is the seed level for the month of December 2020! We haven’t had this alignment since November 7th, 1982 and it won’t happen again until June 15th, 2053. Back to 2020. Because this powerful conjunction is happening within Capricorn, we will experience a total breakdown of social systems and structures as well as the beginning of rebuilding new ones! This is occurring on a collective and personal level! The entire way that we attract and consume our resources will begin to change from here on out.

We have the opportunity to concentrate our power so that we can manifest with confidence. At the same time, our material attachments will be severed! I suggest doing some atonements before this exact conjunction occurs! Anything that we hold onto too tightly needs to loosen up! The tighter the grip, the more suffering we will incur.

So who will suffer the most? The miser! Greed demons will be attacked and they will counterattack too! We need to understand that greed totally blocks our generosity and this Pluto Saturn alignment will ask us to hit the reset button on our greed so that we can open our hearts and utilize logic!

In the greater picture of things, it’s once again about removing blockages from our heart and mind so that we can allow for the conjunction of heart and mind to help us use multidimensional thinking which in turn brings about multidimensional solutions and experiences (5D!)

If we can manage this, Saturn and Pluto will grant us access to our personal power unlike ever before! You want to attract your reality and manifest all your wishes, do the above and throw out all the other books of the trade. This isn’t a trademarked skill, magicians and wizards have been doing it for centuries, how else would we be where we are today? This skill is being bestowed to people who are ready to receive it with this alignment.


That’s what transits do, they give us gifts! So grab your beggar’s bowl and get ready to receive yours! All gifts come from above and are utilized by your ego and not the other way around. Don’t forget it!

Pluto represents the transformation of the world for better or for worse. Saturn represents the material world and our power to manifest. Capricorn is the darkest area of the chart, yet it offers us the greatest opportunity to bring in the most light. When Pluto and Saturn come together within Capricorn, we have the ability to transform the material world. For better or worse. So forget anything negative you might have heard about these transits and let’s commit today to create a better world for posterity. Wherever this alignment is occurring within your chart should be noted! The house placement will reveal how you can positively contribute to the collective upgrade!

In early April, Jupiter will join Pluto in Capricorn bringing some much-needed expansion upon whatever upgrade we revealed in the material world. Jupiter will either cause us to spin around within the same old stage, or allow us to take what we have manifested and grow it! All in all, we will be shown where we are worshipping the creations and not appreciating the source and how it keeps us trapped in material bondage. We will also be granted the ability to attain a sense of enlightenment so that we can truly see beyond the manipulations and sugar coatings of succumbing to temptations. Only then will we be able to transcend our fears and have the courage to step into our destiny.

2020 will also be host to four partial lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses that are going to have a strong impact on all sentient beings.

Another retrograde period worth mentioning is Venus, as the planet of desire and beauty will go retrograde in Gemini from May 12 to June 24, 2020. Trials and tests of love may reemerge in order for us to really make sure we’ve healed them. Frameworks, communication, and relationships on a GRAND scale will be recontextualized and put into the proper perspective. Finally, Pluto will be retrograde from April 25 until October 4 in Capricorn. We will be asked to really go over old graves and dig up anything we have missed! Attachments good and bad will be challenged. Once we get to the other side of this retrograde motion, we will attain a huge connection to the source as a collective and be able to truly transform. I just wish and hope it’s something we create proactively and so it won’t have to become a forced change.


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