2019 November New Moon In Sagittarius…

2019 November New Moon In Sagittarius

When we cannot distinguish between stable happiness and temporary happiness, it will be impossible to find true happiness.

This New Moon in Sagittarius can initiate a new cycle of connecting to sustainable happiness and achievement of our goals. When we connect to the 48-hour lunar window of this New Moon, we can receive all the energy we need to optimize this lunar cycle. We are also in Sagittarius season where we temper the energies that we fortified throughout the solar month of Scorpio.

Sagittarius is ruled by the Temperance tarot card and this is an archetype that brings opposites into union. Temperance encourages us to adjust and temper opposing experiences. Therefore it helps us open our mind and asks us to apply what we have learned to see what we have truly mastered. 24 hours before and 24 hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where subconscious content rises to the surface and asks us to deal with whatever we have suppressed so that it will not contaminate our efforts.

The Question Of This Quest

In DASH® Astrology, the New Moon is a time to receive energy for our quest! To access the quantum quest of Sagittarius, we should open ourselves to the following question:

Which areas of my life are exciting? Why?
Which areas of my life could use more excitement? Why?

For those of you working on your own, contemplate this question during the New Moon window and write down any insights that may come so that you can have a greater idea of what to work on in the Moon WorkBook. Before we can see where we stand with our tests and what we have supposedly mastered, we need to look back in time. We need to look at ourselves and the choices we have made and whether or not they have been made from a place of lack or from a place of happiness.

The question of this New Moon asks us which “areas” of your life are exciting, which is different than “moments” of your life. An area would be our career, or our relationship, which can contain moments. When an area has excitement, then every moment is filled with life and energy, like the 8 of Wands shows us. Furthermore, when we cannot distinguish between stable happiness and temporary happiness, it will be impossible to find true happiness.

When we want things, our first perception is that we don’t have them, so we can either go for a quick fix or we can do the inner work to perceive that which we want instantly. It is possible to perceive that which we want in our reality and what could be more exciting than that? With meditation and prayer for inner growth, we increase the likelihood of whatever we want to happen. Wild thoughts are hit or miss, but honest concentration, focus, and intention setting will increase the likelihood of it arising within our perception. We witness the rendering of reality when the unmanifest becomes manifest out of the sea of the High Priestess, which is the moon. So again, on the New Moon, we can increase the likelihood of things happening.

The High Priestess becomes manifest as creation, which is The Empress. There is nothing happening per se, it just IS. We only need to perceive the essence of everything that is there. We can start by opening up our mind, by opening up our Moon vortex (aka the third-eye chakra. In Astrolochi, we call the chakras vortexes because that’s what they are in English).

Otherwise, we look with a karmic view of ego perception, which is subjective and can get boring. It has nothing to do with Reality, which is always exciting.

Subjectivity is your subjective experience, through the filters and karmic lenses of our personal reality. This is also how spiritual fiction is formed and it is with subjectivity where we pick and choose what influences us and what we are subjected to! Ok, so then if we can pick and choose what applies to us, why not choose to perceive all our dreams, wishes and intentions revealed, as they are right here, right now.

It is unfortunate that being politically correct has spread into spiritual aspirations. We are now living in a world where we need to walk on eggshells to not offend others with their beliefs because most people turn spiritual memes into psychological affirmations, calling them spiritual truths. Spiritual traps are set up for us to become complacent and justifiably egotistical when the going gets tough, and we splash around in waters where we’d rather not honestly confront for elevation.

Yet, we should know that we are always born into the exact circumstances that provide for the lessons we need to learn. Even if that means we will be set up to fall. How can this be? Because sometimes, for some people, it’s only once we hit rock bottom that we make 100% connection to the Divine.

Then we find that our karmic inheritance is within the wisdom of divinity. So we don’t need to suffer or complain anymore. We remember at all times that whatever seems to be going on is filtered through the ego. The Reality of each and every one of our circumstances at birth is perfect. That’s how we get our birth chart. So no need to blame! Because whatever is in our chart, we attracted it. When we see something as bad, it’s only what we project onto it. But if we can really perceive the karmic pattern surrounding it then we wouldn’t judge it. But then we can work with it and transcend it. But we need to perceive it first so that we don’t project onto it. There is divine perfection in the karma.

Meanwhile, most of us walk around parroting memes as if we understand them, or even worse, just being entertained by them. When we read something, it does not mean we know it. To know something we must have gained experience, otherwise, we know about something, as in theory. A judgment that is made based exclusively on data is impaired at best. Without experience, we can only theorize.

Now this is not an excuse to just write it off as “our karma” because then we are in a cowardly state of laziness where we don’t feel the need to transcend our karma because it’s “divine”. So there is nothing more exciting than seeing our karmic divinity and making a plan to transcend, or go beyond our karma. We won’t be bored! We won’t be depressed! So we are really asked to see which areas of our life need more excitement and I can already tell you it’s going to be the house where the New Moon is occuring.

The 8 of Wands has a lot of energy, appreciation and joy for the New Moon in Sagittarius.

Zodiacal City

The Moon, which represents our vessel, will be empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its 29-day journey around the zodiacal city. As it transits through each constellation neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where it downloads everything necessary to make its journey a successful one. This is why I offer a guided New Moon meditation when we assure that we can receive everything we can to ensure a successful journey.

If you’re serious about moving on with the wonderful New Moon in Scorpio, you can order the guided meditation workshop.

This New Moon will affect each of us specifically. Depending on where this New Moon is occurring for you will tell you where to put your focus. For easy insight, be sure to download my DASH® Astrology Moon Meditation Workbook to optimize the energies and imagine the life you intend.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, it is happily via donation.

New Moon In Sagittarius By Timezone:

  • LA, Nov. 26 – 7:05 am
  • NYC, Nov. 26 – 10:05 am
  • London, Nov. 26 – 03:05 pm
  • Munich – Nov. 26 – 4:05 pm
  • Moscow, Nov. 26 – 6:05 pm
  • Sydney, Nov. 27 – 2:05 am

Have a wonderful New Moon in Sagittarius and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.


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