2019 Is The Year Of The Sacred Woman…

2019 Is The Year Of The Sacred Woman

#metoo prepared us for this.

It activated our remembering.

The government prepared us for this too.

It got us all worked up and exasperated by the level of gross distortions perpetuated.

In fact, everything that has happened over the past two years for you and I – both individually and collectively – has happened for this purpose – for the rising up for Love through birthing your Sacred Woman.

So that now you will no longer stuff her down, this Sacred Woman. You will no longer keep her quiet or keep her hidden – but rather develop yourself this year so that you may fully give birth to the True You, the Sacred You.

It is time to birth the Sacred, wise, fierce, luscious, prosperous Woman that you truly are.

Because let’s be real – you’ve been keeping that true You at bay for a long time now. Many lifetimes you have shut her down the moment any possible sign of danger presented itself.

In this lifetime alone, if they couldn’t Love you or show up for you or if worse yet they criticized you and tore you down – you stayed down. You stayed quiet. You didn’t want to get hurt anymore.

You didn’t want to be hurt anymore.

And so, you tamped your true Self down.

You went with what was easier in the moment for your body and for your mind, rather than fully following the deepest call within.

You forgot about your true nature over time and instead let yourself play out what you were conditioned to believe was true.

Which was – there is a limit to what is possible for you.

You believed that there was a limit on the magnificence of You.

You believed that there was a limit on what you could create. That what you had to create had to be “acceptable” by certain entities that you were told mattered.


They don’t matter.

What matters is one thing and one thing only in 2019 – and that is You birthing your Sacred Self.

From this place, all that you and the collective Soul truly desires will come to pass.

Wasn’t it the Dalai Lama who said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman”? (It was.)

How did he know that?

Well, he’s the Dalai Lama – he meditates the majority of the time and when you live like that, you know things.

It is our responsibility this year, our sacred obligation in 2019 to commit fully to giving birth to our true Identity. The true Self who resides deep within, who has always been there and who has been awaiting this time in consciousness.

There has never been a time like now for us to Rise Up for Love – and for our Sacred Self, and for the Sacred in the Earth, and for the Sacred in others, and for the Sacred Woman that is ready and willing to be born.

All-That-Is is supporting us in these endeavors. All it takes is using our free will for Sacred actions to allow our most authentic, most true Self to step forward and take the reigns in our lives.

Breathe deep. Open your hands to receive. Surround yourself with the Highest vibrations possible. Put only the Highest vibrations inside of your Sacred body. Follow all of the deep whispers within that say “go here”. And don’t ever, ever, ever give up. Your fierce, Sacred Woman will have no more of that.

If you would like a Free Love Toolkit to support you on the path to your Sacred Woman, you can receive it here.


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