2018: The High Priestess Year Of Sovereignty…

2018: The High Priestess Year Of Sovereignty

In numerology, 2018 corresponds to the numbers 11 and 2 (2+0+1+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2).

These are the numbers of the High Priestess in the Tarot – She who leads with intuition and walks with the grace of sovereign knowing.

This is a year of stepping into the sovereignty that the energy of the High Priestess both evokes and inspires. In the story of the Tarot, the High Priestess is a disciplined teacher that helps the Fool transform into the Magician he is destined to become.

She also shows him where he is failing to listen to his inner truth and as a result, his insight and self-reflection increases.

When on the path of self-discovery and self-knowing, we will have times of forgetting who we are in order to remember once again the sweetness of intuitive knowing. This is when the High Priestess energy comes in. She brings a remembrance of the divinity within the larger picture of what’s happening. She reminds us that even if all seems cloudy, confusing, challenging and contradicting right now, there is learning and healing happening.

The High Priestess holds multiple perspectives at once. She has a strong relationship with Justice (card 11 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot). As we look to the scales of balance both in our personal lives and on a global scale, we often see one side heavily weighted.As 2017 came to a close, the sense that things are “not fair” could have surfaced. Instead of being debilitated by the grief that comes from witnessing injustice, the High Priestess is actively working towards re-balancing the scales.

We must remember that there is no end goal of ultimate balance within the High Priestess. Just like the moon, her planetary ruler, her reflective phases reveal the strength in change. She reminds us that there is always a larger cycle at play, and with that, we cannot take everything seriously.

The moon reflects the light that is given off from the Sun, and this year we must constantly come back towards reflecting the light within one another and within the world, choosing to not remain stuck in the dark phases.

Everything passes and is impermanent, teaches the High Priestess.

Developing intuition in 2018 is an important key. When our intuition is strong, we can see what is present. When we can see what is present in the moment, we can approach life from a place of response rather than reactivity. It will be important this year to continue drawing our focus upwards in order to see clearly what is happening, instead of clinging to initial emotional responses.

While learning to come to a place of more balance, it is possible that we may become cold and forget to take others into consideration. As we develop our intuition, we may learn new things and see situations in a new way. A sense of disgust at the present circumstances may become overwhelming. These insights might propel us into making harsh decisions from our minds, without tuning into our hearts first.

These are some qualities that have given sovereignty a bad rap. But to be sovereign is to make decisions that are evolved, conscious, and take into account all perspectives. It takes practice to live this way, with trial and error, failing and learning.

With this, there can be a tendency this year to engage in spiritual bypassing. Spiritual bypass means using spiritual practices, tools, and ideas to avoid experiencing core emotional polarity, wounds, traumas, or general issues that come up in day to day life. When we come to spiritual practices from a place of avoidance of the issues at hand, we are doing ourselves and the world a disservice.

Sometimes, going into the painful emotional situations and wounds in our lives is the only way to truly move forward. No amount of positive thinking will repair a relationship that is struggling without proper communication. Wishing for the world to be more peaceful without direct action, and continued self-harm, will not create the changes that are necessary. Hard work doesn’t always need to be painful, but it does need to be real. And when we are real, we heal.

The High Priestess reveals an alternative to spiritual bypass by becoming sovereign rulers of our lives. She reveals the very human ability to go into the pain, trusting that when it is time we will come out, with the healing wisdom that only comes from inner guidance. She shows us that we have all the answers inside of us already.

This is a year to step back from the reflections of all those around us, periodically, to strengthen our inner compass. Sovereignty is trusting that we know what is best for us instead of outsourcing our decision making.

Some ways to strengthen our inner compass and move towards sovereignty include stepping away from social media (for a set time), taking silent walks in nature, and practicing radical presence which includes holding off on major life changes until we know we are not escaping the present.

The High Priestess teaches the power of holding energy and is a true Tantrika – a master of her own energetic essence, a gift she uses for the evolution of consciousness as a whole. She knows how to harness the most potent energy within each situation and alchemize it for the most healing result.

As we continue through this year, intuition and sovereignty will become our course re-directors. The High Priestess will guide us through what we need to learn and experience for our evolution. It might be uncomfortable at times, but it is for our growth. The task is to trust the process and lean into the comfort of our own wings. There is no room for self-doubt.

It is time to become sovereign.

It is time to rise, with the High Priestess guiding us into intuition led balance.

When intuition leads, action follows, and change happens.

Let yourself be led by your intuition.

You are worthy of the gift of inner listening.

You are worthy of your sovereignty.

Let that truth carry and expand you through 2018.

Image Credit: Lindsey Erin Luna

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