15 Proven Health Benefits Of Perilla Herb

“Approved by the World Health Organization – A Powerful Healing Agent”

“One of the Most Powerful Healing Agents on the Planet”

This plant goes back over 2,000 years in Chinese Medicine. And was the first herbal treatment that was written about in Traditional Chinese Medicine texts. The seeds and the plant are full of antioxidants and creating amazing health. In fact, the World Health Organization said and I paraphrase… Perilla seeds are great for lowering cholesterol, slowing the aging process, inhibit the formation of tumors, improve vision, improve brain function, reduces the possibility of having a stroke, and it also helps those who are pregnant, and enhances the chances of having a healthy baby— Wow! Plus there are no side-effects to this wonderful herb/food.

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist

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