12 Steps To Nourish The Soul

The soul is like a seedling. If you nourish it the seed will grow into something beautiful to enjoy for the rest of your life. Here are some guidelines.

1. Meditation: Get quiet and listen to God through your feelings and intuition.

2. Prayer: Talk to God (out loud or in your head) as if you were talking to a close, personal friend.

3. Humility: God is a higher power. You are a lesser power. You know this. You are humbled by it.

4. Study: Read, write, learn, listen.

5. Simplicity: Slow down. Experience and appreciate the simple things in life—nature, music, friends.

6. Solitude: Take some time to be alone and listen to your own inner music. Putter around your nest.

7. Submission: Surrender everything to God—as you understand God.

8. Service: Reach out to people in need and give of yourself and your resources.

9. Confession: Find someone you can trust and confide your deepest, darkest secrets to them. Release the shame.

10. Worship: Be in awe of your Higher Power. Bow your head—metaphorically or literally. Be thankful for the grace that has been freely given to you.

11. Celebration: Be grateful! Raise your hands in joy and celebration. Sing, dance and be merry.

12. Guidance: Work with a mentor who is in constant contact God.

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