11 Wellness Friendly Awesome Things To Do In Morocco…

11 Wellness Friendly Awesome Things To Do In Morocco

Popularly known as the ‘Gateway to Africa’, Morocco is a vibrant and stunning nation. Owing to its history, it is a beautiful melting pot of French, African and Islamic cultures where the various pasts and the present come together in symbiotic harmony. Its blend of cultures makes this country such a colorful and lively destination which draws thousands of tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to this country here are some of the top things to do in Morocco.

Soak in the vibrancy of Marrakech

Unarguably one of the most popular cities of Morocco, Marrakech offers a burst of sights, sounds, and colors that will fill you with absolute wonder. Visit Djemma El-Fna, the central square, Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, Jardin Majorelle, Saadian Tombs and other tourist attractions boasting of rich history and architecture. Dive into a lesson in history and culture at the museums of the city and if you are looking for something a little different, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum is an exciting contemporary museum dedicated to the French couturier.

Experience the dreamy Casablanca

Casablanca is a romantic and dreamy city with stunning architectural pieces which will leave you completely spellbound. One of the most iconic landmarks of the city is the Hassan II Mosque. Overlooking the ocean, this is the biggest mosque in Africa and the third biggest in the world with the world’s second tallest minaret. The minaret has a laser light pointing towards Mecca. Other places worth visiting are Casablanca Cathedral, Mohammed V Square, Royal Palace, El Hank Lighthouse and more. A walk along the beachfront promenade of Corniche is a must!

Explore the cultural scene of Fez

One of the most culturally vibrant cities, Fez is famous for its colorful, traditional Moroccan architecture. The walled city of Medina, Bou Inania Madrasa, Al-Attarine Madrasa, Bab Bou Jeloud, Zaouia Moulay Idriss II, Palais Royal Dar El Makhzen or the Royal Palace, El Glaoui Palace, Andalusian Mosque are some of the numerous wonders of architecture you need to see in this beautiful city. The tanneries of the city such as Chaouwara Tannery are the best and the most authentic places to buy original leather products if you are so inclined.

Take photos at the Blue Village

Take a stroll through Chefchaouen, the Instagram famous village of picturesque blue houses. Pristine, traditional and incredibly charming, this place is perfect for photo ops. This fifteenth-century city came under the tourist radar for its houses which are painted in beautiful shades of blue, cobbled streets, and bohemian vibes complete with quaint craft markets and street-side cafés. The views of the mountains from this city are absolutely breathtaking. Languishing around, enjoying delicious food and taking tons of photos around makes this city an amazing place to relax in.

Stroll through Aït Benhaddou

The picturesque walled village of Aït Benhaddou is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ksar of old earthen buildings, which used to be traditional pre-Saharan habitat, looks like it has been carved right out of the mountain behind. This ighrem which falls on the old caravan route to the desert is practically desolate now, barring four families. However, it is a stunning place worth a visit and should definitely be on your checklist of things to do in Morocco.

Witness the Roman history

Head over to Meknes for a tryst with the history of this country. It is here that you can witness the ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other places worth visiting here are the Royal palace, Bab Mansour, Dar Jamai Museum etc which tell the tales of the rich history of this place. The popular pilgrimage to the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail is a short day trip but you will be treated amazing views on the way. One of the most disturbing and magnificent thing that you can witness in Meknes is the sprawling subterranean Prison de Kara.

Relax in the chilled vibes of Essaouira

Once a favorite of legends like Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and many other iconic figures, Essaouira is the heart of bohemian hippie culture. This laidback city on the Atlantic coast boasts of one of the top rated and most loved beaches of the country. If you are looking for a little bit of action, wind and kite surfing are popular activities here. From April to June a number of music festivals are hosted by this city which attracts thousands of music lovers from across the world.

Live in a traditional Dar

Experience the feel of a traditional Moroccan house by staying in a Dar. It is a traditional style of house in Morocco that is typically known for its inner courtyard which is the hub of activities around the house. It features intricate Moorish designs and several terraces, one after the other. There are several hostels and Airbnbs which offer excellent accommodations in a Dar. The terrace offers a surreal experience of tranquility and peace as you enjoy the views around.

Attend one of the Morocco yoga retreats

Lose the holiday weight and enjoy a soul searching journey at a yoga retreat. In Morocco yoga retreats not only offer some of the best yoga classes taught by top yogis, but they also offer various classes like meditation, yogic philosophy, discourses on the journey to the self, personal growth and more. Enjoy a few sessions or days of enrichment as per your itinerary. Some of the best Morocco yoga retreats are tucked away in beautiful nature far away from the cities, offering pristine views to die for.

Gorge on some delectable food

Moroccan cuisine is absolutely gorgeous with a delectable burst of flavors and spices which are simply to die for. Morocco is a part of the larger Greco-Indian food arc. Its cuisine is a beautiful blend of several cultural influences such as Arabic, Berber, Andalusian, European, Mediterranean, and sub-Saharan cuisines. While couscous is the most familiar item, it has a wide variety of dishes made from various kinds of meats, vegetables, cereals and more. While chicken and beef are the most popular ingredients in Moroccan food, there are tons of options for vegetarians and vegans too.

Shop till you drop at the charming souks

The famous souks or traditional markets of Morocco are not perfect for all those Instagram photos only. It is a bustling marketplace for all your shopping needs. The serpentine labyrinths of these souks hold practically anything and everything you can conceive of. Stroll around or go for some souvenir shopping and enjoy a unique ethereal experience. There are so many lanes and bylanes here that it is easy to get lost, which gives you the opportunity to see more! Do not forget to bargain before you buy anything here.

Morocco is a charming country with a warm and vibrant culture. It is also quite safe and the people are particularly nice. It is such a bright, beautiful and colorful country that every nook in here seems likes a picture-perfect frame for Instagram. The moment you land here you will be greeted with an overwhelming aura of sights, sounds, smells, colors, and liveliness that you will remember this vacation for life.


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