11 Ways To Overcome Procrastination…

11 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is putting off the task at any point in life. According to psychology people thinks that they have a lot of time to do any task but it is not true. This is mostly when people do not like any task because it is most unpleasant, boring, painful, or tough. But this Procrastination leads to stress, sleep issues, guilt, health problems, shame, low confidence, and self-critical thoughts.

Following are the points that help to overcome this:

1. Get rid of catastrophes:

People mostly think about how tough, boring, painful, and unbearable the task is. This leads to stress. But you should keep in mind that although this is an unpleasant task I can get through it.

2. Focus on your “why”:

Procrastinators mostly pay attention to short-term stress but they have to focus on “why they are doing this task and what are the benefits”. For example, if you are doing an exercise then focus on how much energy this exercise will give but not how hard-working this task is.

3. Get out your calendar:

You should not think that you have a lot of time to do a task rather you should think that I have an important meeting to attend. So you need to schedule your work and set the timer.

4. Be realistic:

Projects mostly take much time so you have to ready yourself for extra time as if you are not a morning person then schedule your exercise before lunch or dinner.

5. Chunk it:

When your task becomes unbearable then break your task into smaller and manageable parts. It will feel comfortable. For example, if you wanted to write a book then chunk it into smaller parts of outline, chapters, and sections.

6. Excuses be gone:

You should overcome the excuses of time and mood because it will never help you to start your project. You should honest with yourself.

7. Get a partner:

Find any partner that helps you to complete your task before the deadline. You should commit to your boss, clients, or coach that you will do your work before the next meeting.

8. Optimize your environment:

In this technology era emails, messengers, phone calls always lead you off the tracks. So you should over-come it by turning off the mobile or set it on do not Disturb mode while working.

9. Reward good behavior:

Establish a reward for yourself only if you have completed your task in a given time and do not let social media and Netflix to disturb you.

10. Forgive yourself:

You should not scold yourself or say a loser for the past Procrastination. Use it to your advantage. Forgive yourself and set new goals that can over-come your Procrastination.

11. Drop the perfectionism:

Things are either perfect or a failure. No one is perfect in this world so to do perfect work you have to wait and hence the things are not done on time. This is an all-or-nothing mentality. So do better work instead of perfect work.


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