11 Tools To Heal Psychic Wounds…

11 Tools To Heal Psychic Wounds

As Ringo Starr says, “You’ve got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues, and you know it don’t come easy”…

Healing inter-generational curses and psychic wounds are part of our dues for spiritual health.

They can be so subtle…or, not. The approaches to heal either end of the spectrum of severity can basically be the same. Let’s start off with something pervasive but not necessarily life-altering. At certain points, you may find yourself reverting back to a mood of frustration and annoyance which you feel you should have transcended. When one of these moods comes on..try not beating yourself up about it. Instead, take a moment to stop, scan your body, and *feel* where this mood/wound is stored.

It can be in your head, anywhere through your physical or spiritual body, or, it can just be a free-floating feeling which has not been expressed. Move into this…whatever and wherever it is. Take your attention there and hold it *lightly*. (The key here is *lightly*.) Remember you are dealing with a defense mechanism and force will only create more force. If you come at it too hard, it could retreat further inside you.

Sometimes you can actually feel a connection between a muscle group, fascia, or, body part with your head. Follow these circuits with almost just pure observation; touch them softly. You will probably know when you have encountered a psychic wound masquerading as a general mood. Many, many times — despite where it has taken hold — you will feel a release in your chest when it has been acknowledged. This is not the end but the beginning of your healing it.

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How to heal your wounds

So now let’s break down some concrete ways to isolate these deeply rooted patterns and begin healing all connections to our psychic cores. Just like it’s important to build strong core strength when leveling up physical health, building a solid inner self and emotional body is important as well.

  1. So, the thing about a mood is, it’s not always ours. We could talk about empaths, psychic connections, or simply boundaries, but the key here is to understand that our mood is not us — it is our reaction to an outside stimulus (or, a pattern which has been internalized). Realizing this is important.
  2. Once we realize the mood is not a part of our core psyche, we can lean into it and really follow where it goes in and comes out, in an emotional AND physical way.
  3. Lean in gently; and, when you do, it will often loosen its grip on you just from your power of observation. Notice it loosening.
  4. When you feel it loosening make a very focused action of surrounding the mood with an airy presence. Your awareness should be focused and gentle.
  5. Most issues will manifest in a physical way, somewhere — a lot of repressed emotions are stored around the sternum or between and below the ribcage. There are pressure points you can work with your body to help. Lightly press around that area with your fingertips until you find a raw, vulnerable point and give a relatively firm, steady pressure. If you feel ‘something’ stay with it and breathe gently in and *around* it.
  6. This physical manifestation is very real. Emotions are stored in the body as chemicals and trauma is stored in the brain as patterns. We can look for storage points and follow their patterns to the central nervous system.
  7. Realize that any small shift in healing a core, deep, wound is remarkable. Be especially good to yourself when doing this work.
  8. Recognize the need to devote yourself to this practice but it need not be obsessive.
  9. Be careful you don’t release too much too fast because our conscious mind and ego will not always be able to keep up. Sure, it felt cathartic when you realized how much anger you were holding from that one day in 3rd grade, but depending on the degree of pain repressed, releasing it could be more than a momentary happening.
  10. Stay with your breathwork to release as much as possible but don’t pick at a wound. It may have taken years to bury… These feelings need some time — which you previously denied them — to process and heal. Never feel ashamed to talk to a counselor.
  11. Keep a dream journal. You may experience sleep disturbances, spiritual exhaustion, or, even some sort of mania. Stored energy is energy and it can manifest in innumerable ways. Try to stay on a regular schedule if you can.

Caveats aside, this process WORKS…!

Most of the time, simply taking the time to feel through what’s bothering you will open you up into a comforting/positive feeling on the other side. Remember the gate is still open. Come back to that place if you are overwhelmed and it’s not cathartic yet. Take your time.

Continue taking time to scan your body for any tight spots and surround them with simple, unpassionate, awareness, and see what emerges from the space you’ve held for them. It’s an incremental but *cumulative* healing process for sure; you will evolve a little more each time. And, you will be aware if this trigger tries to sneak back into you and your daily life.

We have to be ready for anything; our system is designed to put the breaks on at any given time — and, we have to make a conscious choice to heal and feel deep pain which we were scared to even touch at some point. It’s heavy work… but also some of the most important lightwork.

‘As above, so below’…


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