11 Surprising Things You Will Inevitably Experience On The Spiritual Path…

11 Surprising Things You Will Inevitably Experience On The Spiritual Path


Following the desire to grow, to understand ourselves and our connection with all things is considered “a spiritual path.”

Intended to take down the barriers to love’s presence, this path is very individual and not always rainbows and butterflies.

That’s not the point of life though.

Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional.

And ending suffering is one of the greatest consequences of choosing love over fear.

As one who is on this path and has been guiding others for the last decade, I’ve found a few things that many of us seem to experience.

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1) Changes

As we transform, all relations change form; as we turn inward and change perceptions, thought patterns, words, and actions, all of our relationships will undergo a shift.

It’s always for the better, and at times there is grieving involved.

2) Lonely Stretches

It can appear lonely for some stretches.

Not everyone always understands the changes, and some might even take it personally.

And these times are temporary, like everything else.

The trust muscles need strengthening for sure!

3) Doubt

There might be chaos before the leap.

As we unlearn some of the old conditioning that has led us to feel stuck/overwhelmed in the first place, it can temporarily seem like we don’t know anything, doubt everything, including ourselves.

Taking a hawk-like perspective on things is always helpful.

4) Boundaries

The contrast is going to be stronger; with greater awareness, consciousness, and clarity, we notice things more.

There might be times when it sounds like a really good idea to grab your spirit animal and move to a deserted island.

Remember that we are not looking for more separation, but for more compassion, understanding, and tolerance.

Kind, yet firm boundaries work wonders.

5) Personal Time

We want more time and space for sweet solitude; as we enjoy being in our own company more and more, we will start craving that time.

6) Shifting Sleep Habits

Sleep patterns might change; we are called to be flexible with our friend sleep.

Depending on what you are shining a light on, you might become a night owl for a while, or are up before the sun at other times.

Another area we are invited to let go of hard rules.

7) Ego

The ego might come back with a vengeance; I been seeing this on social media especially, spiritual seekers arguing with others “in the community” to be right.

The old habit of judging ourselves and others is a sneaky one and it’s always a great idea to “lighten up on the way to enlightenment” (Danielle LaPorte).

Separation of “us” against “them” is always the ego talking.

We can use these triggers for more healing within instead.

8) Complications

It may seem super complicated. So much to learn, so many different aspects.

While that is partially true, remember this; if it is complicated, it’s the ego.

If it’s easy and joyful, it’s your path revealing itself.

9) Offenses

We may get accused of being on drugs or just plain weird. Deep breaths!

Remember that when we were once in pain, it was almost impossible to be happy for other people’s happiness; it is never about you.

Keep leaning into your truth.

10) Responsibility

With consciousness comes responsibility; once we stop believing that we are victims to our circumstances, there is no more playing small.

When we “sin,” aka temporarily disconnect from source, it is more painful.

We can no longer act like we are unaware of the consequences of our actions.

That shall be carried with appreciation and mindfulness.

11) Childlike Innocence

Constant giggles and feeling like a child.

Well, the best for last; removing the attachments, stories, wounds, old conditioning leaves us feeling young and giggly.

Our natural state is joy, and the path is really about returning home, remembering our wholeness.

Every single ounce is worth it!

I have been living the unicorn life for almost two decades now, and life always keeps me on my toes.

What I know for certain is that more love is always part of the answer.


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Elli Richter

Elli is a multi passionate entrepreneur, spiritual gangster, truth seeker, and a yogi at heart.

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