10 Yoga Poses In Morning 5 Day A week…

10 Yoga Poses In Morning 5 Day A week

Does health and wellness matter to you? Some days it might not be possible to devote a full hour to yoga; however, some days may allow you to invest ten to fifteen minutes to stretch your hips, hamstrings, and back, which can be problem areas (especially if you sit a lot).

Here are 10 yoga poses you can do to get that stretch in and help these problem areas in your body.

Standing Side Bend

This kind of pose does wonders for lengthening a compressed spine. If you are looking forward to better health and wellness through yoga, then all you have to do is stand tall and put your legs and feet together. Both the arms have to reach straight up while you are inhaling. The right arm has to be lowered and left arm lengthened while you exhale.

Cobra or Upward Facing Dog

If staying healthy is your true calling, then you can practice opening your chest with the shoulder front, which helps improve your posture. Begin by keeping your face down and head slightly lifted, hands under your shoulders, with your toes pointed. When you exhale, press your feet and hands down.

Happy Baby

Start by lying on your back and grabbing your toes. Then, pull your knees towards your belly, with your elbows gently pressing to your sides.

Downward Dog

This pose begins in a kneeling position, where your hands are under your shoulders and fingers spread wide. Then start lifting your legs off the floor, stretching your back, calves and hamstrings.

Crescent Lunge

When you are in a standing position, both arms have to be stretched overhead and the right knee bent. This helps in lengthening the spinal column and opening of tight hip flexors.


The exercise begins with the spine being kept in a long or neutral position. Then, the tailbone and heart have to be lifted so that curve forms. It helps in maintaining spinal flexibility as well as relieving a tight back.


It is similar to the cow pose, but the tailbone has to be tucked and the head crown lowered. After this naval has to be drawn up to the spine. You get similar benefits with cat and cow poses.


This pose must begin in the position of a plank, where your abdomen is tightened and right knee pulled towards your chest. This is a great way top open up your lower back and hip muscles.

Windshield Wiper

Lie on your back with your arms stretched out, your legs and feet together. Then rotate your legs, feeling that stretch in your lower back and hips. You can also get relief from sciatica.

Yogi Squat

This is also known as the “youth pose” where the hip flexors are opened and the hip joint stays mobile.

Amazing Benefits

Our bodies can positively respond to these movements. Remember to keep practicing these poses not just to stretch your body, but to clear your mind as well.


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