10 Toxic Thoughts To Get Rid Of In Order To Grow…

10 Toxic Thoughts To Get Rid Of In Order To Grow

In life, we often have repeated thoughts we have bought into over time. Some of these thoughts have become a habit. Even though they don’t serve us. It’s important to address them, in order to live a life of freedom and bliss.

10 toxic thoughts to get rid of in order to grow

Someone is coming to save you-The truth is that no one is coming to save you. As an adult, it’s most likely that no one cares as much for your wellbeing as yourself. So give up that notion, please.

You need to meet your soulmate to become whole-You do not need another person in your life, to complete you. You are already complete. You must realize this fact. Whether or not you are in a loving relationship.

You will only be happy when something happiness-Happiness is an inner game. Any external thing or situation that fosters a feeling of happiness. Is only fleeting.

You need to be loved-Actually you don’t. For me letting go of the notion, that others need to love me. Has been one of the most liberating things in my life. I have learned that I am ever loved by the universe. All I have to focus on is loving myself. The video at the end of this post speaks to this point

You have nothing to make a massive contribution to fill fulfilled-This is a lie the world tells us. Don’t believe it. Everyone, and indeed everything in this universe has a purpose. Because others don’t believe you have a purpose. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe in yourself.

Your voice does not matter-Your voice when used as a force for good always matters. Whether you share that voice by writing or creating in other ways, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you share it. You never know whose heart your words or actions will touch.

You need another course, book, or seminar to improve your life-No, that’s another lie. Lots of things are sold with clever marketing. We are told we need this or that to improve our lives. The truth is most knowledge can be gotten online for free. Or through contemplative practices like dream journaling, yoga, or meditation.

Others know better than you– In some instances, others may be at a higher level of understanding than you. And can act as guides. Yet you know more than you think you do. If only you will be courageous enough to honor your inner voice and intuition.

Spirituality is only for hippies-Spirituality is for everyone. For sentient and non-sentient beings. Spiritual pursuit is the most transformational thing you can do in your life. With spiritual practice, you can loosen the chains of mental slavery and self-hate.

Others have an agenda against you-Most people are busy looking out for themselves. They are trying to make life work. The same way you are too. They are not intentionally out to get you down. Most times, they aren’t even thinking about you. This includes people in your family and your closest friends. Unfortunately.


In order to live in more peace and joy, it’s important to examine what thoughts or beliefs that no longer serving us. Why make our lives harder than it needs to be? What way of thinking can you begin to let go of in your life? How might your life become richer because of doing so? The power to cultivate a more calm and blissful life is ever within reach. When we decide to change our mindset and step fully into our power.


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