10 Creative Themes For A Yoga Workshop…

10 Creative Themes For A Yoga Workshop

It’s not always easy to get the right theme for a workshop.

But people want to have a good experience, and you have to deliver.

So instead of racking your brain to get the right theme, check out these ideas! You might be pleasantly surprised.

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1.  The Chakras 

Seven main spiraling developmental, psychological and spiritual energy centers of the metaphysical body – this theme could easily be a workshop or class series.

2.  Anatomical  

A theme of opening up a specific area of the physical body, such as shoulders the hips or a focus on a particular set of asana that fit with the season such as; twists for Spring Detoxing or grounding restorative poses during the Winter Holiday Season.

3.  Nature

The New Moon and the Full Moon are really great times for a workshop with the yin/yang elements within the female moon energy of growth, creation, completion and release.

4.  How to Create and Maintain a Home Yoga Practice

Especially good for new students but also great for continuing students as a helpful refresher.

5.  Creating a Vision Board

Artful Intention Statements, Manifesting Big Dreams through Words and Images.

6.  Circle of Women

Connecting more deeply with women in your yoga community/tribe to develop and strengthen this important support system.

7.  Partner Work

Cooperative asana, harmonious breath work, eye contact and touch for lovers and friends.

8.  Meditation

Mindfulness, Mantra, Mandala, Metta, Sound, Zen………Many other choices, and please make it interesting, creative and non-threatening – especially for beginners.

9.  The Yamas – #1 of the eightfold path as prescribed by Patanjali

Five Societal Moral and Ethical guidelines for Right living.

10. The Niyamas – #2 of the eightfold path as prescribed by Patanjali


Five Internal Moral and Ethical guidelines for Right Living.


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