✨New Angel Message…Your Health Is #1…

✨New Angel Message…Your Health Is #1

Hey there Sunshine🌻⁠

⁠Calling in Archangel Raphael to send Source Love, Source Light, & amplified healing to the beautiful soul who is reading this⁠⁠

Gently close your eyes, envision best you can the green healing light of Archangel Raphael, then slowly breathe in this healing energy & slowly exhale anything that is not for your highest good
 (repeat for 2 more slow breathes in & out)⁠

If you are reading this now this may be for you or someone you know…⁠

Your health is #1 before anything else & I’m not just talking about your physical health⁠

Your emotional, mental, & spiritual well-being matter, because if any combination of those is out of wack, then your body is in disharmony⁠

⁠But how can you find balance especially if you’re in deep pain emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually?⁠

⁠Well the best place to start is to call in your guardian angels & ask for their help⁠

Ask them to move & speak through you with love, ease, & grace & to help you find balance, to relieve your pain, then allow⁠

Allow for them to have miracles appear⁠

This may not show up for you as you intended⁠

And usually, when one door closes, a bright one opens if we set the intention⁠

Nothing in life is permeant & you have more power than you give yourself for⁠

⁠One recommendation I have for you if any of your bodies are out of balance is to sage!!!⁠

⁠And I’m not talking about dangling & waving a sage stick around to look cute⁠

This is a process, so I would recommend Mark Bajarski’s video on how to sage properly. I will include a link in my bio. I will also be making a video of my own so I can walk you through it step-by-step with the exact process I take.⁠

Here’s a quick overview of my process…⁠⁠

You will need a wooden bowl or something that is fireproof to break apart your sage stick into ⁠

(I would start out with 1/3 of the stick)⁠⁠

You will need to make sure all your outside doors & windows are closed as well as turn off any fans, AC, or heat for 1 hour. This is the time needed so any energy that is not for your highest good will be begging to escape.⁠

⁠Then, open all your cabinets, drawers, washer, dryer, oven, toilet seat, anywhere that energy may be hiding. Yes, your house may look a little cray but this is to ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned.

Next, all in your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, & Guardian Angels around you along with your higher self to help you set your intention. Your intention can be something like…”I am setting the intention to release anything around me that is not for my highest good & the highest good of all to be released into the light & transmuted into unconditional Source Love & Source Light”

After you have set your intention, light the sage. If it does not light on fire easily, you & your space is likely clear. If it lights easily, then your space & yourself needs to be cleared. You want make sure to blow out the fire so that there is only smoke. And you want to make sure there is enough smoke before starting to go around your body.

Starting at your head, slowly go around your body head to toe, making sure to get your back & repeat your intention as much as you’d like. This may take 3-5 minutes. If your eyes get watery from the smoke, that’s ok but do stop if it is irritating you then maybe move on to your home.

Once you have finished sagging yourself, you want to go slowly from top to bottom around your home and make sure to get behind any doors. You know you’ve sagged properly when your home looks like you’re walking in a cloud.

After you’re done, allow one hour to pass before turning on any fans, heat, ac as well as opening any doors & windows.

I hope this helped you Sunshine! I’d love to know in the comments below.

Sending You So Much Beautiful Source Love & Source Light,



P.S. DM me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings if you’re interested in the video I will be making on this process so you can get first dibs once it’s released




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