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The Om Symbol Breakdown

The Om Symbol Breakdown

Meaning of Om

Do you know what the shape of the Om symbolizes?

When it comes to the Om symbol, yogis can’t get enough.

That’s because the symbology is rich, and the meaning is important!

Om isn’t just a unique symbol; it’s a statement that shows depth- especially when it’s worn (like with jewelry or clothing).

Check out this infographic and learn all about the symbolism!

Om Jewelry

Om Symbol Breakdown

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4 Responses to “The Om Symbol Breakdown”

  1. Joanne Juskus

    I’m wondering what your source material is for the om symbol breakdown. Thanks.

    • Sivana Sivana

      Hi Joanne,
      We consult with experts that have extensive knowledge of the sanskrit language and built this infographic around that.
      Thanks for asking! Enjoy 🙂


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