Find Your Meditation Style With This Quiz


1. On your best days you're...
Strong and magnetic
Alert and aware
2. As a kid, you were...
Adventurous. You wanted to experience lots of things!
Introspective. You enjoyed things like building models and reading.
Imaginative. No matter where you were, you always had a castle to storm.
Active. You couldn't stop moving!
3. When you're practicing spirituality, you...
Don't consider yourself "spiritual", but you love to learn about yourself and how you fit into the world.
Practice deep prayer.
Create a positive and optimistic attitude.
Feel deeply connected through embodiment, such as dancing.
4. When you feel out of balance, you are most often...
Easily influenced by others.
Attached to your thoughts and feelings.
Too stuck on rules.
5. The quality you find most annoying in other people is...
Too boring
Aloof and unaware
Lack of imagination
6. In school, I loved...
Gym class
The arts- acting, singing, art
7. What makes you feel the most off-balance?
Being lazy
Feeling unsure of what you need at any given time
Violent or offensive images and words
Strange or gross smells or tastes,
8. After a long day of working hard, you like to...
Eat an amazing meal and drink a glass of wine
Go for a walk in nature
Talk to a friend
Listen to music
Meditation Style Quiz
Chanting & Mantras
You do best singing and chanting to get into a deep meditation state. Repeating a song or a mantra can really help you get closer to that spiritual frame of mind.
Meditation Style Quiz
Movement Meditation
While movement might be distracting for some, for you it's the greatest thing ever. Walking, yoga, gardening, and housecleaning can all be fused with meditation by inwardly chanting or simply practicing “witness consciousness”. The more basic the task, the easier it is to meditate at the same time; and you thrive on it.
Meditation Style Quiz
Mindfulness Meditation
For you, meditation isn't just something you do once a day- it's a way of living. By staying grounded in a meditative state, the mind stays inwardly connected to a more powerful source. This “source” brings calmness and peace to everything you do…giving everything a new perspective.
Meditation Style Quiz
Silent Meditation
This is considered to be one of the highest forms of meditation. The mind simply wants to bathe in the after-glow of peace, so sitting in silence is deeply refreshing because the mind finally finds a way to relax and let go. After all, it’s going all day and even all night. It never stops. A long period of silence without thoughts is deeply revivifying, and allows you to find a new perspective on reality.
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