Quiz: Find Your Energetic Balance With Gemstones

Gemstones have been used since the dawn of humanity to heal and help all kinds of ailments: physical, mental, and spiritual.

This quiz can help you figure out which one will work for you, and which one will help balance┬áthe chakra you’re already coming from.

CVO- Copper- lg


1. What would you rather be doing?
Hanging out at the library or reading
Watching the Notebook on Netflix
Flirting with the cutie at Starbucks
Working towards your goals
Riding on your favorite stretch of highway with the top down and music blasting
2. How do you see yourself?
A natural leader
Artistic and sensitive
Opinionated and well-read
Loving, caring, giving
Very spiritual
Weird and loving it!
3. How do you feel about your life's direction?
4. What motivates you?
Expectations of friends and family
5. Who's more of your role model?
Martin Luther King Jr.
A spiritual teacher
Richard Branson
A fashion icon
Mother Theresa
A close family member or friend
6. What image do you most identify with?
Gemstone Quiz
You got Carnelian!
Known as a stone of meditation, endurance, leadership, and courage, carnelian emboldens its wearers. This makes it especially effective for all kinds of business people and athletes. It's usually associated with the sacral chakra, balancing emotions and relationships; but more red color can also be associated with the heart chakra.
Gemstone Quiz
You got Amber!
Well, technically it's a resin...but that doesn't make it any less powerful. Fantastic for creativity, amber has been used for centuries by all kinds of people. It's especially known for helping the common cold. Amber is associated with the sacral chakra, balancing emotions and relationships.
Gemstone Quiz
You got Citrine!
Unlike the other stones, citrine is considered to be the closest related to the sun. For this reason, the ancient Romans believed it cleansed and energized the wearer on many levels. Fresh energy, clear thoughts, self-confidence, and spiritual vision all come from keeping citrine in close contact with the skin. Unsurprisingly, it has a strong benefit for solar plexus chakra, strengthening personal power.
Gemstone Quiz
You got Rose Quartz!
Known for its ability to heal the heart, rose quartz helps get out of challenging emotional pain, dissolving memories that may keep new love from entering. Obviously, the stone's focus is the heart chakra, opening blocked energy and encouraging spiritual healing.
Gemstone Quiz
You got Lapis Lazuli!
One of the most sought-after stones in history, Lapis Lazuli was widely used for royalty until today. Known for its ability to help the wearer communicate clearly, it's associated with the throat chakra. Lapis also stimulates spiritual vision and the desire for knowledge.
Gemstone Quiz
You got Amethyst!
Amethyst is the stone of the third eye, one of the most powerful energy points in the body. It heightens spiritual perception, and calms the mind from restlessness. It also encourages introspection, aiding the wearer in a deeper way that most stones never come close to. A powerful stone indeed for those that seek spiritual awareness!
Gemstone Quiz
You got Garnet!
Of all the stones, this is the one for stability. Energizing the base chakra, the coccyx, garnet increases passion and purpose in an individual. It makes you attractive to others by bringing out your best qualities, strengthening friendships and relationships.
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