Lakshmi’s Luxury: 3 Items Every Yogi Should Own

Even Yogis Need a little Luxury

While owning luxury items and being a dedicated yogi may sound contradictory to some on the spiritual path, to the Goddess Lakshmi—who brings abundance both spiritually and materially— living a life of beauty and abundance is only natural.

In the spirit of Lakshmi, here are three absolutely lovely luxury items even the most conscientious among spiritual seekers can feel good about purchasing.

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CVO- Copper- lg

Natural Memory Foam Bed

Imagine spending the next decade of your beautiful yogic life sleeping on the world’s only natural memory foam bed.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

What’s more, this is the kind of bed you can actually practice your bedtime and morning yoga upon, because it’s so darn firm, therapeutic, and posture supporting.

What’s more, these beds are sold by a company with a conscience.

They’re called Essentia, and you can find them here.

A dedicated yogi knows just how important his or her sleeping sanctuary should be, and the makers of this all-natural luxury bed know it, too.

High-Energy Mala

Japa meditation is one type of meditation that really supports a dedicated yogi’s practice.

It’s a style in which you repeat a mantra 108 times (ideally) while keeping track of each time by placing your fingers on a beautiful mala, or set of 108 beads woven auspiciously together.

To truly support your japa meditation practice, you need a high-energy mala—one that’s beautiful and made with high-energy gemstones to energize, ground, and harmonize your practice.

This one also helps to balance your chakras!

A Medicine Cabinet of Essential Oils

We yogis are all about natural medicine, and the pantheon of plant essences distilled from the plants and flowers of Mother Earth are some of the most potent natural medicines found on the planet.

The art of aromatherapy not only plays an essential role in the wise yogi’s healing toolbox.

It can also enhance a home yoga practice or a public yoga class.

Building a medicine cabinet of therapeutic-grade essential oils will enhance your yoga journey and your life in ways you may never have thought possible!

Check out this company for their high-quality essential oils and eco-conscious business practices.

CVO- Copper- lg
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